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Monday, May 9, 2016

French Style Dressing Tips

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People always ask what makes French women chic. The truth, I think, is very simple – 
  1. They stick to a few really well cut basics with added details instead of compromising their style and chasing after trends. They know what works and what doesn’t, so the overall look and style is always consistent and timeless. Frankly, all you need to have are just a few hardworking basics of really good fabrics and cut, and you can keep rewearing them for years. 
  2. They dress for themselves and not for other people’s eyes, which is why hemlines and sleeves are usually longer, instead of short skirts and camisoles. I guess this gives them the je ne sais quoi, effortless quality to their outfits.

French girl style nakedgloryvera-5 French girl style nakedgloryvera-17 French girl style nakedgloryvera i French girl style nakedgloryvera-11 I recently got this A-line flare skirt from Sandro Paris and really like the subtle knit texture of it and really love this look when paired together with this ribbon-tie shirt. Wearing this pair of suede leather sandals from Raye the Label, available from Revolve – I really like it for its comfort since the heel is really sturdy to walk in and also the fact that it pretty much goes with everything. 

For the month of May, Revolve is offering up to 25% off everything from 10 - 12 May! Use code REVOLVEME.

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I'd take this chance to update my summer wardrobe. BRB.

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