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Friday, May 13, 2016

Exploring National Gallery Singapore

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Since the opening of National Gallery, I’ve probably flocked to it several times, and not always for the paintings that hang within it but more for its stunning architecture. The National Gallery was formerly the Supreme Court of Singapore and is a monumental building that houses a large portion of Singapore’s history even before its independence. The new revamp kept the original architecture but features added beams and a rooftop terrace that allows light to stream in during the day.

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Wearing Cameo crop top and Mango wide leg pants

The Cameo top is one of my favorite crop tops for its circular bustline and bareback design – it’s perfect for the hot Singapore climate! As it’s 30-32C year-round in Singapore, I always opt for camisoles or bareback tops, or light 100% cotton shirts to keep the heat out. It’s important to be discerning towards the fabric of the clothes you wear – polyester blends are popular now as it is cheaper but it actually makes you sweat easier since the heat is easily trapped within the synthetic fibers.

What are your takes on selecting fabrics? Or do you not look out for it at all in purchasing clothes?


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