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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vera Tries - Resurrecting my brows with Browhaus

Some people like Cara Delevigne, just have perfect brows. But unfortunately most of us mere mortals don't. I, for one, have uneven brows - My left brow is higher than my right brow, and the hair is quite sparse, so I cannot live without brow powder.

 So I was really looking forward to try the new Brow Resurrection menu offered by Browhaus -- The new menu takes into consideration your skin type, brow concerns and brow preferences. They will design a brow shape suitable for your face type and your area of concern, to come up with natural looking semi-permanent brows best suited for you. There are now 2 more types of brows you can choose from besides Classic (previously Define) and Soft (aka Natural) – BR Ombre and BR Full.

 Note: Scroll to end for discount code
Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Create Your Own Yoga Retreat in Ubud Bali

Bali bikini KissesVera-26Bali is one of those places that I can never get bored of visiting, simply because it has such a good vibe about it. My favorite places near the coast would be Seminyak, with all its hip designer boutiques, and then Canggu, which is more laid back.

But going into central Bali, and you'd come across Ubud, which is an amazing congregation of both locals and expats, many of which are very into yoga and green, organic food, or even raw food. You'd also find beautiful layered rice paddy fields, sacred temples and lots of good vibes. Lots of people come to Bali for Yoga and Spa retreats, which can easily cost up to USD2300, but actually you can just easily DIY the trip yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Refined Elegance & Talking Namecards

Cmeo Collective x KissesVera-8

Raffles Hotel is still one of my favorite spots within the city in Singapore. Set amidst all the high rises, it is a piece of history after having been converted from an old colonial house. I thought it was very befitting to wear this little black dress from Cmeo that I would like to call The Tulip thanks to its petal-like folds.

Paired with this soft leather handbag from Mango.