Janice Wong - Whimsical Lunch Menu Review

posted on: Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Janice Wong has always been someone whom I have admired, not just for her craft and creativeness - This woman can make anything out from chocolate. But I also admire her for her determination and capacity to take risks, such as starting out her own restaurant, after 10 years of operations of 2am: dessert bar.

Located at National Museum, Janice Wong's restaurant operates as both a dining space, as well as retail, where customers can pick out her artisanal chocolates and famous chocolate paint. There's also a gelato bar.

What's really special about this restaurant is that all of the paintings and tables are made out from chocolate. Yes, you heard that right - It's like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The paintings are made by dripping Janice Wong's signature chocolate paint and then encased in resin. The tables are basically giant blocks of chocolate and encased in glass - they are shaped like jigsaw pieces, that allows the staff to easily move them around to form bigger tables if needed.
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For lunch, Janice Wong has a 3 Course Degustation Lunch Menu priced at $28.


Hot Explosion XLB (Whisky Pork or Truffle Cheese Chicken)
Whimsical Buns (Liquid Egg or Minced Veg)

I enjoyed the Xiao Long Baos more - Besides Whisky Pork and Truffle Cheese Chicken, there's also Foie Grass Pork Cherry and Shrimp Ebi Kombu. I especially enjoyed the Truffle Cheese Chicken one - the taste of truffle was strong yet not overpowering and went very well with the juices of the chicken.

Janice Wong restaurant x nakedgloryvera-13 Janice Wong restaurant x nakedgloryvera-15 Janice Wong restaurant x nakedgloryvera-16 Janice Wong restaurant x nakedgloryvera-19


Corn Noodles (not pictured)
BlackRed Duple Noodles

The noodles were the highlight of the savouries for me. We tried the Crispy Charcoal Nest and BlackRed Duple Noodles. 

The Crispy Charcoal Nest featured high gluten flour noodles made black by charcoal powder, collagen broth, pork belly and mushroom poem paper. The noodles are served hard but the chef will pour the collagen broth over it, which will gradually soak the noodles and change their texture depending on how long they are soaked for. The high gluten flour made the noodles very chewy and delicious when paired with the flavorful broth. It is finished off with a poem which Janice personally likes (you can read it when you order this dish), that is made out from mushroom. 

The BlackRed Duple Noodles were made from medium gluten, making them less chewy but still as springy. These are toped off with braised beef and a clear broth to enhance its overall flavour.
Janice Wong restaurant x nakedgloryvera-22
We were also served this beautiful platter of Ratatouille Siew Mai with shrimp roe. These were almost too pretty to eat.

The meal is finished off with Janice's now infamous desserts from 2am: dessert bar.

Sweet Endings

Chocolate Praline Cake
Chocolate Lui Da Gun (a type of Chinese mochi)

The Tiramisu was served deconstructed in a bowl, and I especially enjoyed the Espresso Ice Cream that came with it - The espresso taste really shined through.

I would recommend anyone to experience dining at Janice Wong once and experience the playfulness in her food and immerse yourself in her edible artworks. By combining different textures and flavours, Janice Wong reimagines what dim sum can taste like. Alternatively, you can also just go in for a tipple and dessert after a long day.

Lunch 3 Course Degustation - 28
Dinner 5 Course Degustation - 68

You can find her menu here. Enjoy!

Rexults Clinic Review & Morning Skincare Regime

posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rexults skincare 1 Rexults skincare regime-1 Mornings at Pullman Hotel G-3 Mornings at Pullman Hotel G-5 Mornings at Pullman Hotel G-8
My morning routine usually comprises of me putting on some happy music first and then the first thing I get done is to wash my face and put skincare, so I thought I'd share with you some of the products which has helped me in refining my skin texture and keeping my combination skin in check.

My skin is Oily in the T-zone and slightly dryer on the cheeks area, so like most people, I have combination skin. The annoying thing is that my T-zone is so oily that I regularly get oil clogs and small comedones on my forehead, and also lots of blackheads on my nose. Because of this and sometimes slight outbreaks, my forehead skin texture is quite rough and coloration is uneven.

Since using Rexults Skincare, I've seen a marked improvement in my skin condition, in terms of keeping the oiliness of my T-zone under control and this helps to prevent comedones from forming.

Above photo - Shot without makeup except for brow powder.
Rexults skincare regime-2
From L to R: X-folia, Moisture Lock and Redefine Ultra
Rexults skincare regime-6

Here's a step by step of the products I use:

  1. Rexults Clear Cleanse for Combination Skin. This is a gel cleanser that foams slightly to gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of natural oils. 
  2. X-Folia Exfoliating Serum - This serum is a chemical exfoliation instead of the usual mechanical exfoliation that is common (by using microbeads or polishing sugar etc). It contains active ingredients to remove old surface cells and allows for better product penetration subsequently.
  3. Redefine Ultra Retinol Serum - The second serum contains retinol to reduce oil production and regulate epidermal cell turnover. In addition, this multi-tasker also boosts skin repair, neutralizes free radicals and stimulate collagen production. I've definitely noticed decreased oil production after using this serum for some time.
  4. Moisture Lock Hydrator - This super hydrating serum helps to plump skin cells and retain moisture. 
Regular use of all these products definitely saw an improvement in my skin texture - my forehead was not baby bottom soft, but it definitely kept the comedones away. My cheeks however, are less dry and appear to have a more softer, smoother texture. 

One thing I really like about Rexults Clinic is that besides the 1-1 doctor consultation you get, the service staff are also really attentive. Welcome tea is served before and after consultation, and the staff are very patient in explaining to you product use, and will make followup calls to check on your skin condition over the next few weeks.

Mornings at Pullman Hotel G-11 Mornings at Pullman Hotel G-4
For those who have faced persistent skin problems, I would definitely recommend you to give Rexults Clinic a go!

Rexults Clinic is located at -
Rexults Clinic is located at 302 Orchard Road, #17-01 Tong Building (Beside Paragon). 
Dial +65 66532908 for more info. 

Black, White and Everything Else Boardroom Look

posted on: Saturday, September 3, 2016

Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-2 Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-4 Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-6 Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-11
Wearing Pleat Collar Top from Toki Choi, Pleat Sequin Skirt from Sandro Paris, Long black vest from Motifs Official and Stacked block heels from Aldo

When in doubt, I always go in black and white as they are neutral colors that never fails, especially in the office. I try to add some details in my outfits either through accessories, or through subtle detailing such as pleating, sequins, fabric and texture variations.

I topped this look off with stacked block heels from Aldo - block heels are my secret weapon as they are so much more comfortable than stilettos/pumps as they offer your feet with more support, but not comprising on style and height.

Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-3 Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-14 Toki Choi Monochrome OL look-15

Shot this at the National Museum and I was pleasantly surprised to discover this circular window feature in one of the private galleries. It's really rare to find such architecture in Singapore's buildings, so this one was a nice change.

You can shop Toki Choi at Qoo10 or Zalora.

This post is brought to you with Toki Choi.
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