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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Guide to Marrakech Mastering the medina and chaos

Marrakech - kisses,vera-6
Marrakech was a riot of colors, sights and sounds – You will experience the orchestrated chaos of the traffic and the endless vendors peddling goods in the souks. The main sights are mainly located in the medina, while Palmarie houses all the upscale luxury hotels (great for relaxation) and the new town of Marrakech is located in the Gueliz district, where you will find locals living.

We stayed within the medina at Riad Star for 3.5 days, which gave us enough time to explore all the sights within the medina and also to visit the luxury hotels.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Insider Tips to Fes 2 Days

Fes Morocco - kisses,vera-52

Fes is traditionally known as the cultural capital and home to the world's first university, University of Al Quaraouiyine, which was established in 859AD. Besides religious studies, the university also focused on math, science and language, and hosts student quarters within its compounds as well.

Besides the university, Fes also has the highest number of medersas (religious schools) in Morocco, hence I would highly recommend you stop by this city! We spent 2 days in Fes, which was enough to see all the sights.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vera Tries - Resurrecting my brows with Browhaus

Some people like Cara Delevigne, just have perfect brows. But unfortunately most of us mere mortals don't. I, for one, have uneven brows - My left brow is higher than my right brow, and the hair is quite sparse, so I cannot live without brow powder.

 So I was really looking forward to try the new Brow Resurrection menu offered by Browhaus -- The new menu takes into consideration your skin type, brow concerns and brow preferences. They will design a brow shape suitable for your face type and your area of concern, to come up with natural looking semi-permanent brows best suited for you. There are now 2 more types of brows you can choose from besides Classic (previously Define) and Soft (aka Natural) – BR Ombre and BR Full.

 Note: Scroll to end for discount code