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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Non-boring Alternatives for the Little Black Dress

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So many times at cocktail parties you see ladies wearing different variations of the Little Black Dress (aka LBD), and it's boring. So here I am telling you you can wear rompers at such events instead.

I love a well designed romper like this chic number from Finders Keepers the label. This comes in an extremely flattering cut - Deep V-neck on the front and then a relaxed straight cut down, and finished off with shorts with a tapered curve up. Now you don't have to worry about hiding your tummy after a dinner - this romper hides it for you! It can be dressed up or down depending on occassions -

Formal - Wear it with sleeves rolled down (full length sleeves), stiletto heels for a formal dinner, paired with chic gold accessories and chandelier earrings

Casual - With black sneakers and a sling bag

I find shopping online the best place to compare options, and massive e-tailers such as ASOS and Zalora would be great avenues to start off! You can find additional discount codes through CupoNation. Usually, when I shop online, I would first go to a retailer site that I love such as ASOS for clothes, or Luxola for some cult beauty brands etc, and then look on CupoNation to see if a discount code is available. If you shop for groceries online, there's discount codes for RedMart too! Super convenient.

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- How to find a Romper for your body shape -

Generally, the below are the traits of a well cut romper.

  1. Since rompers are essentially shorts with an attached top, you'd want to find one with shorts that is slightly loose-fitting on the bottom, since wearing slightly oversized clothes will make you appear slimmer. 
  2. Most rompers come with an elastic in the middle. I look for rompers with an elastic band that is at my waist level. Wearing one that is at your hip level may make your body appear long and your legs shorter in comparison. This one that I'm wearing doesn't have an elastic (good for hiding food babies as discussed earlier). 
  3. Find a romper that flaunts your assets! Deep V-cut rompers drawn more attention to the chest, while if you're not so well endowed, you can choose tube-style rompers to flaunt your shoulders. Basically, just work with what makes you feel the most comfortable and showcases the best of your body.


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