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Monday, March 9, 2015

Suit Up - Menswear for Womens

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Once in a while, I like to incorporate menswear into my wardrobe. I like the structure of a well-cut blazer - padded shoulders, nipped in waist and with a slight flare at the hips. I like how the rigid structure lends power and stature to a lady and immediately makes you stand a little taller.

This sky blue suit from my friend Matthew Gideon's newly launched menswear label, Deboneire, ticks all the right boxes for a suit for me. So much so that I begged for him to let me wear it even before he launched his label and knowing that the suit was not even cut for ladies.

  • Double-breasted jacket - check
  • Wide, padded shoulders and nipped in waist slimcut - check
  • Slim cigarette pants - check

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Wearing Deboneire Sky Blue Suit, accessories from Vainicious 

I think Celine is a great brand which integrates menswear and androgyny (ie, genderless) cut very well into their design. Women who dress in such cuts just carries themselves differently - they are modern, fuss-free and efficient. They belong to a league whom I aspire to - The state where they are confident enough to just be themselves without fear of being judged or of not living up to expectations or conventions.

So here's how you can choose the perfect menswear suit, or even just a well-cut blazer for yourself. (To me, cut is everything). You can find some great blazers on Zalora, or here for additional discounts.

How to Borrow from the Boys

  1. For jackets or blazers, look out for the shoulder width to see if it sits on your shoulders properly. Shoulder-padding shouldn't be too heavy unless you want to look like the 70s. 
  2. Waist of the jacket should be cut in the accentuate the waist of ladies. For lapels, you can either choose to go with classic wide lapels as what I worn here, or very slim lapels or none at all. Wider lapels will place heavier emphasis on the chest and shoulders.
  3. Pants should be cut straight but with a slight flare at the ankles. Always go for comfortable, well-fitting pants which fits snugly at the thighs and then flare out slightly after the knee.
  4. Crisp white shirts always work well, but go one size up. 
  5. Add a bit of femininity to an otherwise manly ensemble by pairing it with court heels and a good handbag. Accessories should be discreet and elegant - no costume jewellery or bright colors. 

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