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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's Talk Skincare - DRx Clinic Review Part 1

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It's been just 1 month since I've had my first visit to DRx Clinic and my skin condition has already improved tremendously. I've had pretty OK skin all along - no major blemishes or breakouts, but I did have the problem of enlarged pores on my nose and along the sides of my nose, as well as a really oily T-zone. Nothing major.

But in the second half of last year, due to lack of sleep and the onslaught of stress, I started having really bad breakouts all over my T-zone and even around my cheek area. My skin was also a lot more dull and parts of it was peeling. I started to lose self-confidence and covered the blemishes up with heavier makeup - but everyone knows I hate wearing too much foundation or makeup for that matter. So that's when I decided I really need to see an aesthetic physician. 

With the use of products and some oral medicine, my skin is now almost blemish free and my blackheads have all be eliminated as well! Now I follow a strict regime as such:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Comedone formula - To help clear clogged pores; extremely effective.
  4. Blemish formula - To help control oil secretion on T-zone
  5. Maxi-C - A high concentration of Vitamin C to help renewal of skin cells.
  6. Hydrator - A lightweight moisturiser which turns from gel to water when applied and spread on the skin!
  7. Never forget the SUNSCREEN.

DRx Clinic nakedgloryvera-5
At the reception of DRx - Bright and welcoming!
DRx Clinic nakedgloryvera-1
Describing to Dr Tsu my skincare concerns and past history
DRx Clinic nakedgloryvera-4
Look at how glowing Dr's skin is vs mine (no makeup)
DRx Clinic nakedgloryvera-6
Getting acquainted with my daily essential six step skincare
DRx Clinic nakedgloryvera 4This photo does the talking. Before was taken in Sep 2014, and After was taken recently in Feb 2015. You can tell the immediate difference between the two and I didn't do any editing to the After photo.

I liked how Dr Tsu did not immediately prescribe me with the usual two drugs used to treat acne which is Tretinoin and Accutane (high concentration of Vit A), although my previous derm did prescribe me with those two drugs. Please, please do ask your doctor if those two drugs are really necessary for you because:

  1. They will make your skin react initially with lots of peeling, fluffiness, redness and irritation. This is expected from the treatment with those two drugs to "purge" your skin initially.
  2. Tretinoin works to reveal new skin cells and hence your face would look shiny, almost oily, due to new skin emerging constantly. Note - I was told that I looked oily, not glowy.
  3. Accutane has quite a few side effects, notably the risk of contacting Hep A and you need to have a blood test to have your liver tested before going on the treatment. 
That was based upon my previous experience with my first derm. It did the trick for me but then once I stopped taking Accutane, bit by bit my skin seemed to develop clogged pores again. Now, I'm on an antibiotics course, as well as Spironolactone. Dr Tsu told me he will gradually move me off those drugs upon improvement of my skin texture and he recommends me not to go on Accutane unless if my skin condition does not improve.

I would eventually want to reach the perfection of my Dr's skin - look at how his pores are all invisible and how his skin has a natural glow! But for now, I'm just really extremely thankful towards DRx for curing me of my skin woes.

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