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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sponsored Post: On the go with Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung x nakedgloryvera (2 of 14) Samsung x nakedgloryvera (6 of 14) Samsung x nakedgloryvera Samsung x nakedgloryvera (9 of 14) Samsung x nakedgloryvera (1 of 14)
Wearing polyester silk blend cami from Monki, schoolgirl pleat skirt from Feist Heist, bralette from Perk by Kate, Glove Pumps by Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld, necklace c/o Epicurations, Watch c/o Daniel Wellington, bracelet from Curated Editions

This is what I call the lazy schoolgirl outfit to beat the heat. Nowadays the sun is so blazing that I always feel like wearing camisoles, which is almost like wearing next to nothing. This cami which I bought from Monki in HK is good enough to tide me through the heat (despite being 2 sizes too big - hello bra peeking through!) I personally love camisoles - they're great with anything - a tailored pants and blazer for the office, untucked and paired with shorts or a flirty skirt for a casual day, or with a fitted print pencil skirt for date nights.

These days a constant feature in my bag is my new Samsung GALAXY Tab S. I love how compact, thin and light it is for me to carry around in any bag - it fits even in a small handbag or crossbody sling! With a diagonal width of 8.4”and a thickness of just 6.6mm, my Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE is a petite size, compared to its bigger 10.5" sister, making it great for reading eBooks and magazines.

Speaking of which, you can sign up for Samsung GALAXY Life easily to gain access to lots of special lifestyle privileges exclusively for Samsung customers. All tablets come with exclusive GALAXY Gifts - over $1000 worth of apps and service completely free of charge! I can subscribe to 3 issues of 3 different SPH titles and read them on the go - flipping through the gorgeous e-pages of Home&Living now makes my train rides more bearable. You can also get access to free content on Toggle, Marvel Comics and many more.

Samsung x nakedgloryvera (11 of 14) Samsung x nakedgloryvera (14 of 14) Samsung x nakedgloryvera (10 of 14)
Do not look down upon the GALAXY Tab S' small size though, no functionality is compromised. I personally find the images sharper with deeper depth and the colors much more vibrant on my GALAXY Tab S, thanks to its new Super AMOLED display. Super AMOLED is the advanced technology on the market now that allows for richer and brighter colours, that makes it great for viewing my photos and browsing magazines on the go. Unlike the conventional LCD screen, Super AMOLED does not need a backlight diffuser unit and is also less reflective, thereby lengthening battery life and improving the viewing experience. I can testify this because I only need to charge my GALAXY Tab S once a week, when I use it during mornings and evenings commuting to and fro work!

I also find it much easier to do my readings outdoors with the GALAXY Tab S' Adaptive Display, which automatically adjusts screen display colour, sharpness and contrast according to my usage and different viewing environments. This makes reading much more enjoyable on the train, or even out in the sun, when my GALAXY Tab S intelligently applies a higher contrast and sharpens the text so that I can read easily.

Finally finally, the aesthetic perfectionist in me finds huge joy that the GALAXY Tab S comes in such a sleek design with 2 colours - Titanium Bronze and Dazzling White. Both goes equally well with any outfit IMO.

Retail prices of the Samsung GALAXY Tab S is as follows:
  • GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: $698 
  • GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: $598 
  • GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: $948 
  • GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: $898 
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