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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Caught on Film

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Wearing CO by Cotton On faux leather peplum top, vintage pencil skirt, Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa Shoes Glove Heels, Amethyst necklace from The Dancing Jewels

Shot this with the master of film, Samantha, before I had my hair permed. We kind of trespassed the properties of people living along Kiliney Road to get these photos.

I guess I'm still a fan of film thanks to  its high contrast, tint and saturation of colors, which you can adjust according to the kind and brand of film you use. And of course also the anticipation and delayed gratification, which people need to appreciate better these days. Sam shot this with her SLR; and some of the shots were shot on Lomography gold Petzval lens (you can see the previous series she shot here).

Wearing this beautiful raw amethyst crystal necklace from The Dancing Jewels. I will also have a spot for things that are ruffled, unpolished but still naturally beautiful.

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