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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seven Sisters - An Outdoors Look

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I'm excited to share with everyone the beauty of the white chalk cliffs, otherwise known as Seven Sisters in Eastbourne. Eastbourne is just over an hour's train ride out from London and the Seven Sisters cliffs consist of 7 peaks and troughs, that stretches for more than 10km.

I went there with two girlfriends of mine on a beautiful day, and had an amazing day enjoying the views, the azure blue sky and just simple beautiful English countryside. 

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Wearing vintage denim jacket from Burberry, vintage wool vest from Savile Row, thick-knit wool scarf from Primark, knit sweater from American Apparel, stretch jean leggings from Uniqlo, trusty ol' sneakers from Converse

And who said you have to forsake style when going on outdoor hikes? Simply pair a longsleeve shirt or sweater with a 100% wool vest to keep you warm, add a scarf and throw on a good jacket and a good pair of Converse and you're on your way to looking good outdoors hiking! This vintage denim jacket from Burberry was great in fending me against the winds atop the cliffs, albeit being oversized. The important thing is actually to wear a comfortable pair of pants and shoes, and you can layer your way on top. It's all about proportions.

I swear that I did not do much to the post-editing of these photos. The sky was this blue and the cliffs so strikingly white. The winds were blowing at 40km/h, but with the sun shining overhead and casting oversized, elongated shadows overhead, it was not extremely cold at all.

Sometimes I feel the need to go out and get in touch with nature. To experience the vastness of the horizon, the sheer height of mountains, feel the sun beating down your back and the winds whipping you about. To return to the roots, where we came from. And at the end of the day, you, as a small speak atop a cliff or standing at the side of a giant lake, despite your tired body, will feel that you are infinite.

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