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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Next to the Docks

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Wearing turtleneck knit sweater from Zara, pinstripe skirt from H&M, studded bag from ASOS, maroon ankle boots from Zara, black pea coat from Uniqlo, shades from Le Specs (stolen from Mich)

I managed to catch sunshine almost every day after I came back from my Europe trip and with just 4 days left in London, as each day passed my heart grew heavier and I was thankful for sunshine each day. It was a curious feeling for me, to spend each day being so thankful for the smallest and simplest things, when in Singapore I hardly feel anything similar to that. Maybe it is time to change and learn to count my blessings more.

Visiting St Katherine's docks was a really interesting experience for me. Who knew right within just a few minutes of Shoreditch there would be a dock parked full of yatchs and little boats? This just goes to show further how much London surprises. I raided my dear friend Michelle's closet out of laziness to unpack the clothes in my suitcase and came up with this ensemble. Out of everything that I wore here, only the pinstripe skirt is mine.

I like this look for its simplicity but still with attention paid to the details, from the cable-knit turtleneck, to the pinstripes and black glossy buttons on the pea coat. Putting thought into details and finding small things to appreciate - I guess that's how we find beauty.

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