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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hey Mademoiselle

Vera at Fullerton Hotel-27 Vera at Fullerton 2 Vera at Fullerton Hotel-3 Vera at Fullerton 1 Vera at Fullerton Hotel-8 Vera at Fullerton Hotel-17 Vera at Fullerton Hotel-55 Vera at Fullerton Hotel-72Wearing faux leather nude crop top by Lauren Jasmine, faux leather midi skirt by Lauren Jasmine, floral print court shoes from Dorothy Perkins, studded handbag from ALDO 
Photos by dearest Zean Vo

Yes, I have now been back in the +65 for slightly more than two weeks now and I can't help but still pine for London now and then. I'll continue to post photos from London to make up for the lack of updates during my stay there! Despite the continuous days of sunshine and longer hours of the day, I can't help but miss London for the strangers that I talk to on the streets, the gritty roads, the beautiful street art, the cold crisp air and its beautiful architecture. I felt very alive when I was in London, as though I was constantly inspired and I constantly found something new, even if it's the same places that I've been going dozens of times.

But one thing is for sure - being back gives me the liberty to wear crop tops and shorts and not worry about freezing to death. I love this ensemble from Lauren Jasmine as it is elegant, ladylike and yet not too stuffy. Pairing a crop top with a midi length skirt updates the look and saves it from being too granny. You can also pair a midi skirt with a light, pastel sweater, or a translucent chiffon blouse with an inner bralet. Lauren Jasmine also have many other designs that makes it easy for you to transit from office lady during the day to society girl during the evening.

Being back also means really yummy but sinful food during this Chinese New Year period, and of course with Chinese New Year, comes irritating interrogations from your relatives probing your personal life. I have always received comments from relatives asking me about my school, my studies and my ex-boyfriend. And they will always ask How tall is he? Oh, he's shorter? Why? as if I gave birth to him. 

So for the first time, there is an interactive Facebook app launched by Heaven and Earth to help you come up with counter-attacks to these questions. #CalmComebacks is armed with smart comebacks to help you deal with awkward questions, ranging from looks, salary, to relationship status. To make your Chinese New Year even sweeter, now 5 lucky readers can stand a chance to win a variety pack from Heaven and Earth! 

Yup, you can get 24 cans of H&E tea with 4 flavours simply by heading over to my Facebook page and like and share the latest post on Heaven & Earth's Calm Comebacks on your Facebook page.
Then, leave a comment on my Facebook page.
Contest ends Wednesday, 5 Feb 2014. 

Photo from my Instagram @nakedgloryvera
So eat, drink and have an awesome Year of the Horse!

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