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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Walk down Diagon Alley

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Wearing navy military coat from H&M, vintage lace blouse, silver jacquard skirt and tights from H&M, maroon ankle boots from Zara

Yes, you read that right. This is London's Leadenhall Market, where the first film of Harry Potter was shot. Back then, Harry was still a young boy of 9 and this is where they shot him and Hagrid shopping for wizarding back to school stuff.

During my stay in London, I really took the chance to explore as many interesting places as possible - from the insider haunts at Shoreditch and Dalston (East London), to shopping and taking lots of photos at the various markets, to visiting the romantic Notting Hill and of course, going on a Harry Potter tour! It was really interesting learning about the various locations where they shot Harry Potter using the London streets as backdrops. Leadenhall Market is located in the business center of London, close to the Thames and its shops today are all still functional. But of course - closed - on Sundays.

I loved wearing this navy coat and fedora hat ensemble as it made me look as though I was a detective, discovering little clues to pick up along the way to get myself into the wizarding world. But that aside, the coat definitely served me well against the cold winds of London!

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