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Friday, February 14, 2014

Arossa Wine & Grill - Be My Valentine

Arossa Wine & Grill (2 of 11)
Arossa Wine & Grill (3 of 11)

Arossa Wine & Grill
Arossa's signature pork chop with Braised Beef Cheek in Red Wine Sauce with Mashed Potato
Arossa Wine & Grill (4 of 11)
Salmon & Scallop Tartar with Oscietra Caviar
Arossa Wine & Grill (5 of 11)
Plump, fresh oysters
Arossa Wine & Grill (8 of 11)
Pork Chop with Ratatouille
Arossa Wine & Grill (6 of 11)

Arossa Wine & Grill (11 of 11)
Chocolate & Hazelnut Semifreddo
Wearing black jumpsuit c/o Lauren Jasmine, diamante collar necklace c/o Floral Punk, black court shoes from Charles & Keith

It's Valentine's day again. I have a love-hate relationship for this day celebrating love - it was supposed to be a day to show appreciation to your loved ones, especially your significant other, but now the capitalists have tainted it by pressurizing people to buy gifts and flowers and making it so commercial. And this is actually the second Valentine's which I have spent single, so thanks for rubbing it in, all you capitalists.

Having said that however, I think that treating you and your significant other to a really good full course menu on Valentines Day is a rather good idea. It gives you an excuse to splurge an exquisite meal and if you want to splurge, you might as well pick a good, reliable restaurant that delivers.

I have to say that Arossa does deliver a great dining experience, with its Italian influenced menu but hemmed by a female Japanese chef. Food presentation is exquisite and the colors are balanced off beautifully in all its dishes.

You start off with a mini mascarpone cheese tart with orange marmalade to whet your appetite, followed by a Salmon & Scallop Tartar with Oscietra Caviar. The raw seafood is delicately seasoned, but nothing great to shout about, yet. Then comes the Roasted Foie Gras with Black Truffle Risotto - I have to say the black truffle risotto is a great combination with the foie gras, because it helps to balance the usual fatty, oily bits in the duck liver.

Then comes the pasta in the form of Home-made Lobster Ravioli with Bisque Sauce - this came in a portion of 6 big, green ravioli, green because spinach was added to the pasta dough. It was obvious that the ravioli was homemade as the pasta was very chewy and the bisque sauce complemented the ravioli very well. For mains, you get the choice of Braised Beef Cheek in Red Wine Sauce with Mashed Potato or Roasted Seabass with Sauteed Sea Urchin & Persimmon Sauce. I have to say I enjoyed the beef cheek more because it was very well cooked - it simply melted in your mouth and was an explosion of flavours, which was well balanced with the mashed potato. The roasted seabass was a milder flavour, with the seabass very flaky and soft. Finish off the course with Chocolate & Hazelnut Semifreddo, which had the texture of chocolate ice-cream, a sweet ending to a heady night.

This is my first time doing a media tasting. How would you like more of these on my blog once in a while?

Disclosure: Vera was invited to Arossa Wine & Grill for a media tasting.

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