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Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the topic of Bikinis

As you all know, the swimsuit season is in again. Without a doubt, this is a season that causes considerable stress to all ladies intending to travel overseas for that beach getaway, or just to anywhere, for the Singapore sun is so unforgiving nowadays you must be crazy to wear long sleeves or long pants.

But actually I don't get why people are all fussing over "that bikini body", because ultimately, you go on a holiday to destress and feel good about yourself, not the other way round. Why wear a bikini when you have so many other choices such as a one-piece swimsuit with strategically placed cutouts or lace inserts? Or perhaps a tankini and a boy's shorts set? Aimer, the leading luxury lingerie brand from China, has just launched a new swimsuit line and I personally think their designs are great for women looking to flaunt THEIR body, not just a perfect body.

Aimer collage 1
Monokinis and tankinis with lace cutouts. I love the middle design!
Aimer collage 2
Hide slight body "imperfections" with the black one-piece swimsuit or the lace maxi dress!
Aimer collage 3
Rio de Janerio colors!
Aimer Beach Couture Fashion Show (5)
Super cute kids swimwear!
Aimer Beach Couture Fashion Show (3)

I really like the Pure collection featuring black and white swimsuits with plenty of lace inserts and cutouts, because it is elegant yet sexy at the same time. Its one piece swimsuits also cover up muffin tops (if any) and the toga cut slims down the figure as well, for slightly more mature women. The more tropical bikini collection with its bright splash of colors suit younger girls.

Beach is also the best time for layering and accessories without looking over the top. Play with crochet slips, lace skirts, neon accessories, pastel nail colors and add those chic beach shades and you're all ready to go!

Beach babe


  1. I found your blog on IFB, its super adorable!!
    I am fallowing you now on GFC, blogLovin :)

  2. I love one pieces, but they give such funny tan lines that my MO has been bikini or bust. Unfortunately, that means no eating the day of the beach or pool, especially if I plan on knocking back a few drinks. Ugh, woe is woman.

  3. white bikini looks so chic and pretty <3

    kindly please visit my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

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