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Friday, June 15, 2012

AFF 2012 Street Snaps #2

Shot on the same Saturday as the previous Part I rendition, the evening shows saw even more stylish show attendees for the shows alldressedup, Zac Posen, and finally FFN featuring Max Tan, Mae Pang and Dzojchen.

Jessica Ye, founder of
Check out this korean girl's gorgeous PS bag!
My friend, Venetia, looking fine!
Rana again, this time in Prada
Rachel, buyer from
Rachel's a buyer that I met during Blueprint. She and her fellow buyer, Allie, was in town to source for new brands to bring on board ASOS. She has grasped a certain way of dressing that only certain women like Taylor Tomasi Hill is capable of - looking great in baggy clothes and in various prints and bold colors that few people can pull off.

Also spotted was this mysterious guy in a short crew cut wearing running shoes for the runway show. Kudos to him for wearing neon coral trainers and that simple, yet stylish getup.

The alldressedup show welcomed a much more stylish group than the Raoul show (with a lot of ladies in lookatme dresses). Generally the crowd wore a mix of textures, prints and bold colors with much better sartorial ability; most of the invitees were people who I have never seen on the fashion circuit.

That's all for digital snaps. The next batch of photos will come straight off from my film camera, La Sardina. Can't wait to see how they turn out...


  1. OMG, this entire time I thought the photos were taken in Seoul. The backgrounds look so similar to Apkujeong!!!

  2. Thanks for the pic Vera! you should have taken one of your outfit on that day... looked amazing!! :-)


  3. Hello! Came across your blog and the pictures are amazing :) however I must point out that the pink spotted bag is a Mulberry Alexa, not a PS1.


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