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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wild, wild horses

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Characteristics of a good food place: Highly inaccessible by public transport but yet packed with people flocking to eat, so much so that the waiting time period is 45 minutes long. Rider's Cafe ticks all those boxes. Set within the insides of Bukit Timah Saddle Club, it has the best brunch that I've tasted for a long time.
Me and my boyfriend didn't have a car and we trekked into the place (walked about 800m), waited for 40 minutes before our meal, which was deeply satisfying. Their eggs benedict is cooked to perfection and goes perfect with the grilled tomatoes, bacon and salad greens. The scones are hot - fresh from the oven - and is perfect paired with raspberry jam and light cream.

Food aside, I wore this lovely lace cutout maxi dress from The Scarlet Room once again because I thought that it would perfectly suit the Southern Countryside look of the saddle club and I was right. I had so much fun shooting with my boyfriend underneath this gorgeous bare tree. There's this photo of me running up the small hill backfacing the camera - that was purely a happy accident.

Here's to serendipity, and perfectly poached eggs.

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