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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tsumori Chisato 20th Year Anniversary Retrospective

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Tsumori Chisato 20th Year Anniversary event held by Club 21b this Friday and met Tsumori Chisato in person! That was the first time I met a celebrated designer up in person and she was so cute and accommodating, patiently taking photos with everyone.

To celebrate her 20th year anniversary, Club 21b set up a petit installation of her works through the past 2 decades and I can safely say that Tsumori Chisato is one designer that never ever follows trends, but instead exercises her creative and youthful designs through pop art colours and a mish mash of fabrics. Her imagination was literally borderless, almost like a child's. Many of the printed fabrics (especially in the early years of her designs) were sewn together such that they look like a collage. And they usually involve giraffes, cartoonish stick men, and plenty of ethnic references. ilhouette wise, they mostly remained the same with plenty of A-line dresses and slouchy jumpsuits, but my senses were really stimulated by all the colours and details that went into the making of each dress.

The ultimate stylish couple!
Hubby's wearing Comme des Garcons blazer ; and his wife's head to toe in Tsumori Chisato
Can you believe that Sheryl's a yummy new mummy?
There were a lot a lot of well-dressed people there but I only managed to ask for one shot of the above couple! Couldn't resist I saw them the moment I arrived at the event. The thing I really love about fashion events is the people that I get to meet, and how I feel like I belong, because my outfit won't be stared at by other people -.- 
I met and spoke to the extremely nice Ms Kim Reyes, editor of Designare and Designare Homme magazines. She was just so kind of share with me the things that she knew, and made me feel encouraged to keep on pursuing fashion. 

Hello Mr Octopus!
Love this all-denim look!

On top of Tsumori Chisato's event, Club 21b also held a fashion presentation for the labels that they stock. Womenswear was unfortunately not very remarkable, but instead it was menswear that really got me excited this time. Menswear this time had a show of colour thanks to merci beaucoup, 's liberal use of stripes in the national colours of France. In addition, there were plenty of unexpected details, such as the oversized denim jumpsuit that was fashioned to look like a 2-piece through 2 denim washes, pleat details at the back of denim blazers and that blue mesh shirt with an octopus printed at the front. I liked that the designs for menswear was so bold this time - I would like to see them on the backs of local Singaporean men. Looks like the boys here are getting a treat with the upcoming Mens Fashion Week as well!

Those 2-toned lace-up boots from Phenomenon are really phenomenal!
A closer look at the lovely clothes on the hangers in the womens section revealed that they are carefully sourced and bought from designers throughout the world, such as Opening Ceremony, Acne, Theory, merci beaucoup, and McQ. But it was the shoes that left me feeling very excited!

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Shoes
Won't ever be able to afford :'(

Was wearing my UK16 topshop blouse with back lace detail, SchwingSchwing highwaist leather shorts, heart print tights and New Look wedges. Finally settled for this look because I don't have anything pop-art/quirky in my wardrobe now. But I really love this blouse - got it at around $50 at last year's end of year sale, it has a back lace detail and is asymmetrical at the back. Really romantic but can go edgy as well!

P.S: Mens Fashion Week is coming up next week! I'm set for 4 shows, so excited!!

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