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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My perfect kind of day

I experienced a very enjoyable Saturday with my friend at Duxton Road and Ann Siang Hill chilling in indie book cafe The Pigeonhole, and then shopping at the various vintage clothes stores and knick knack stores along Ann Siang Hill. 

The Pigeonhole is a new indie book cafe that was just set up by a couple and I can safely say that they're one of the (best) kinds on its own. The Pigeonhole supports local NGOs and regularly holds music workshops for local musicians, fortnightly flea markets for handmade wares, and holds talks for various charity & social causes as well. For example, lately they had a series of talks where they invited foreign workers down to share with their customers about their experiences.

Its deco is rather haphazard, with a large variety of furniture thrown in, such as heavy leather seats, sofas, tiny old school plastic chairs (I sat on those in primary school!), beanbags and even a STONE bench that looked like it was rescued from those already extinct playgrounds in Singapore. Their extensive books are sourced from UK and India and ranges from politics, to sex to just anything you can imagine. Great way to spend a whole day cuddling with one of their books and nursing a cup of latte. Its undeniably cool vibe aside, its coffee is also great tasting and comes with a great price tag. A cup of expresso starts at $2.50, with lattes and cappucinos going up to just $4. The only down side is that they have no food menu now, so chilling there may leave you a little hungry. 

Here's the counter where you pay!
Real vintage *drools*
Ripped denim shorts, kitschy stationery, leopard print bandannas...
Of course, a day isn't perfect until you get some retail therapy - and it helps if it's not going to burn a hole in your pocket. My friend and I walked to Oakham Market located at Ann Siang Hill from The Pigeonhole. Oakham market is a vintage & snap-them-up thrift store that has really cool shop deco and stocks amazing clothes at affordable prices. Its extensive thrift section are all priced at $16.95! They have vintage silk blouses, flared pleat pants, vintage round shades and 70s-inspired polka dotted skirts plus tons of other really cool stuff. Oh and not to mention those perfectly ripped denim shorts.

Naked Barbies alert!
Guys' shirts
They have an extensive unisex/guys section as well, selling guy shirts. Extensive selection of vintage checks and denim shirts that all come in the perfect slouch. I bought a chiffon black cape, and a pair of nude pink scallop hemmed shorts from the thrift section, which Jasmine, owner of Oakham Market, proceeded to pack in a crisp brown paper bag. Super cute! Looks like my lunch for school.

Mr Grumpy Cat & his friends Mr Owl, and Kewpie Pies. They wind-up!
Handprinted zines & handstitched notebooks
An entire shelf dedicated to Polaroid cams which the owner had accumulated throughout the years.

While you're at Ann Siang Hill, head to Kki & Little Drom Store for some amazing Japanese tea and cakes and a dose of authentic old school home decor! "Drom", which means dream in Swedish really sets you dreaming about the good old times when people were still playing music out from their vinyls and jukeboxes. A sweet caramel dream filled with imported handmade zines, Polaroids, glass-bottled terraniums and kitschy vintage toys, definitely worth a look (:

Other shops to check out at Ann Siang Hill (no photos cos photography is prohibited) :-
Stevie's General Store - 100% authentic vintage everything! Mostly clothes but includes jewelry, paintings, home accessories and vintage posters too.
Wood in the Books - picture books for all ages, not to mention an extremely extremely cute little doggie seating at the counter when you pay!

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  1. hey thanks for these recomendations!
    i'm from indonesia and will be gone to singapore for couple days
    I have planned on going shopping vintage <3
    will take a visit to ann siang hill!


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