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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rock it with Utt!

This outfit was my answer to the question "What would you wear to Rock it with Utt! Party?" happening on 1 April in conjunction with Mens Fashion Week. Party outfits don't have to always be skimpy mini dresses, sequins and stiletto heels. I think with a bit of sheer, such as the heart print tights/blouse or even skirt, you'd look sexy and cooler than those girls that get wardrobe malfunctions from their low-cut, tight and short dresses. You can even wear a sequinned bra/corset inside a black sheer blouse for that extra bling!

Outfit breakdown: Fedora hat from random shop, thrifted military blazer, CottonOn leotard, AA lame disco shorts, heart print tights online, New Look wedges.

P.S.: Photos taken inside my best friend's bedroom which explains the kiddy "rabbit family on picnic" wallpaper. Hehehe. 

Inspiration from Taylor Warren by Jason Lee Parry for No. 13 Magazine.
Finding myself increasingly attracted to Rumi's heroin chic kind of street styling, with the occasional burst of romantic girly pieces which I covet. Right now I'm living in neutral (ie white, cream, nude, peach) colours of knits, pleated sheer maxi skirts, brown leather cowgirl boots, aztec prints and ponchos.


  1. Gosh, I love that outfit! You're totally right - you look a million times more sexy than the butt skimming skirt stiletto heel girl! I lovvve those disco shorts :P And that wallpaper cracks me up!!

    peace and love! shabby

  2. @Grace

    Hi again Grace! Great to see you here again haha.

    Glad that you liked my outfit! Hopefully I win! (Even thou the chances are quite low...)

  3. I love the shorts they are so awesome! I've been wanting some rock and roll shorts!


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