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Friday, March 18, 2011

Asian Pride

Utt - Voice of MFW/ Sexiest Man on Earth imo.
From L to R - Heart, Voice and Chairman of MFW urging people to donate to Japan
The crowd at the party!
Models that look good without trying
I attended the Mens Fashion Week final preview party this Wednesday night and it was such a blast! Held at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, the party showcased some of the designs that would be shown fully during Mens Fashion Week. When I arrived at the party, it was already nearly packed full - plates of sushi, champagne and red wine greeted me at the entrance. I was almost tempted to just load my plate full with sushi seeing how I've been eating wholemeal bread, raw fruits & veggies for the past 2 weeks. (Don't blame me, blame my colleagues who can work without food, and my stay-at-home mom who stopped cooking dinner since idk when.) But of course I restrained myself.

But it didn't help when I squeezed myself through throngs of people towards the main stage where my friends stood, because seeing Utt so close up on stage made me salivate ):
I won myself a pair of VIP tickets to MFW to catch 2 shows through the competitions that they were organising onstage that made the crowd wild. One lucky boy even won an all-expenses paid trip to Milan to catch Mens Fashion Week of top designers + a shopping trip with Dr. Frank Cintamani just because he had a pocket square in his tux jacket! Insanely jealous!!

Speaking of which, I really wish to point out how passionate Dr. Frank Cintamani is about his cause and philanthropic believes. The first Mens Fashion Week to be held in Singapore, after Paris and Milan, will showcase the works of underrated Asian designers (see the full list here) and all ticket sales for the show will go towards charity! Dr. Frank Cintamani said that he believes in Asian talent, and he wishes to provide them with this platform to launch themselves into the international market. Standing there, listening to him, I was just proud to be ASIAN. But I would've loved to see more Asian models showing the clothes, instead of the conventional Caucasian dominated show.
What touched me was how he didn't forget about the tragedy happening in Japan even during the party and urged the crowd to donate generously to Japan. I believe he must've raised at least $5000 that night.

DJ Maxime from Paris! He's insanely cute.
We look good together hehehe.
The Best Dressed title would go towards these two! I love the layering and footwear!
DIY light-up lightbulb necklace looks great with a simple black button down!

Finally met Melody! :D
On high when I got to meet Utt
 But what about such events is the mix of people that attend it, as well as the fashion bloggers or other people in the fashion industry that I get to meet! During each event I always get to meet new people, or the faces behind the blogs which I've been reading. And I always get so inspired by what they're wearing mainly and usually leave thinking I should've captured more photos of the outfits I've seen.

I really like this LED light-up lightbulb necklace that I saw hanging from the neck of The Fashionide.
What's cooler is that he told me he made it himself with a ball-chain and the $2 lightbulb from Funan IT Mall! Sweet. I'm always a sucker for DIY, mainly cos I can't seem to make anything myself.
I also got to meet Melody of Missing Avenue, who was feeling a little tipsy cos her friend kept feeding her red wine. Hehehe. So nice to finally meet her in irl, she's not arrogant but really friendly and easy to talk with!

I also got to meet Lenne of! Didn't got much time to chat with you babe, hope I'll get a chance next time!

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the last MFW preview party at Ion Sky! (Terribly late I know!)

With Shahreen
Top left hand corner, Woman In Red's Dr. Georgia Lee!
Kenny & Andrew - designers of DEPRESSION, wearing their own designs!


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