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Friday, October 27, 2017

Vera Tries - Review of The Chelsea Clinic Picosure Laser Facial

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I have tried a number of various lasers such as the Duo Yellow laser, CO2 fractional laser and also rejuvenation laser. Thus far, the one I prefer the most is the Duo Yellow laser, as there is no down time and your complexion gets progressively brighter over time, together with a smoother skin texture as well. However, with all these lasers, you have to go for 5-6 sessions in order to see a visible effect.

When I was recommended Picosure, it was introduced to me as the “Bentley” of all laser machines. Picosure is one of the few lasers to pulse at a trillionth of a second, versus traditional lasers that utilize nanosecond technology. Hence, instead of building up heat like traditional lasers, Picosure can deliver energy to the tiny particles that make up pigmentation or tattoo ink and cause them to vibrate and shatter, without burning or hurting surrounding skin tissue.

Picosure is designed to activate the body’s natural immune response system to heal itself (because of the little heat involved) and I didn’t even have to apply as much numbing cream as the other lasers, yet it did not sting as much!
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How It Felt

Upon arrival at The Chelsea Clinic, one of the nurses applied a thin layer of numbing cream on me. The waiting time is only 10 – 15 mins given the strong effect of the numbing cream. Dr Ewen Chee, the Medical Director, then started the laser procedure, which only lasted for 20 minutes. It was a comfortable treatment and he was indeed a friendly and experienced doctor.

After the laser facial, my skin had mild redness, which went down after around 3 hours of so. My skin also experienced some dryness, which was easily resolved with moisturizer.



I could almost see results immediately the following day – my skin looked brighter and more lifted. In terms of texture, I could not see an obvious difference, but I think it will be more pronounced over future sessions of laser treatment.

I foresee this is an especially good laser for people with pigmentation such as sunspots and freckles, acne scarring and tattoos they are looking to remove. Picosure uses a unique 755nm wavelength instead of a 1064nm or 535nm wavelength. At this wavelength, it absorbs energy most effectively to shatter pigmentation while causing the least damage to skin. This allows the Picosure laser to penetrate deep into the skin dermis to stimulate skin renewal as well as break down the melanin particles of pigmentation.

Read more about Picosure can do for you here : and on more on Chelsea Clinic's FB page.

You can find the clinic locations here:
The Chelsea Clinic
Dr Ewen Chee, Dr Vanessa Phua, Dr Magdalene Liau
501 Orchard Road #05-08A Wheelock Place
Singapore- 238880
Telephone: 6735 8833

35 Rochester Drive #03-21 Rochester Mall
Dr Charlotte Yung
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6570 3913

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