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Monday, October 30, 2017

A Weekend Retreat to Capella Singapore

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I have to admit - Capella is my favorite hotel in Singapore. The old colonial house on a hill, paired with modern architecture in its spacious rooms,  three swimming pools including one big lap pool, and really world class service is its winning formula. Oh, and also for the fact that it is set in lush greenery in Sentosa, offering a nice respite from the city.

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Upon check-in, myself and Becca were greeted with two bouquets courtesy of the hotel, which acted as a really nice touch. We were welcomed to our rooms with a fruit platter and a mixed nuts/dried fruit platter which we had as an afternoon snack as we drank tea and enjoyed the view out of our rooms overlooking the trees and with a partial view of the sea.

All of Capella's Premier Sea View rooms are 77m2 big, which is much bigger than your average hotel room. The rooms all come with its own balcony, semi walk-in wardrobe with two separate sinks so you won't have to fight over it in the morning.

The best part of the room was how it was designed such that the bathtub had a view overlooking out through the balcony as well, so you could truly relax with a view even as you took your bath. Having the morning sun on me and the light streaming into the bath in the morning was really a treat.

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We also got to enjoy afternoon tea at Cassia, which is Capella's Chinese restaurant. However, on weekends they offer both Oriental Dim Sum Afternoon Tea or English Colonial Afternoon Tea at $39++ per pax.

Unfortunately, we went for tea slightly late and missed out on the English tea set, which featured a 3-tiered tea tray with pastries and cakes. However, the oriental dim sum tea surpassed our expectations with it offering traditional dim sum but with slightly Western influenced ingredients. It was definitely different from the usual dim sum we were used to at Chinese restaurants but a very delicious combination of flavors and textures.

Cassia also offers al fresco sitting, with views of the hill and greenery that Capella sits upon, and the furniture and setting was all very tasteful and decidedly reflective of its colonial charm.

Tip: You should definitely check out Capella's Library! Most hotel libraries offer a selection of books and usually tea and coffee, but Capella once again goes beyond that to offer really delicious traditional cookies - my fav is the Almond Cookie - and also afternoon treats like mini cakes and pastries, finger sandwiches and even fruit. You can also choose from a wide range of coffee, tea and soft drinks, all free of charge as you browse and work in the library!

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I had such a beautiful time soaking and swimming in Capella's pools. Its 3 pools means that the pools will never be too crowded at once, and there is ample lounge chairs and beds for guests. The hotel staff are also very attentive and they will bring you a bucket of chilled Evian water and towels the moment they see you settling down at the pools. I definitely felt very relaxed with the lush greenery surrounding the pools.

In the afternoon, you can also chill at Bob's Bar, which is the bar overlooking the pools with live jazz and bossa nova music. Bob's Bar is inspired by Havana's glory days and features a good selection of rum. They are also known for their Havana Nights every Friday, with live music and succulent grilled meats!

Breakfast the second day was at The Knolls, Capella's all-day dining restaurant. Breakfast was a hearty selection of breads and pastries, with salads, the usual suspects such as Eggs Benny (freshly cooked to order), hash browns, sausages, yogurt, muesli and freshly squeezed juices.

With all those facilities and such tasteful, well designed hotel grounds means that you would be having a relaxing and beautiful weekend, the next time you feel like you want to go for a short holiday but not have time to go out of country.

Thank you Capella for granting me such a magical weekend! I hope to be back soon.

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