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Monday, January 4, 2016

Look Good Working Out with Adidas

Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-2 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-3 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-11 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-9 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-10 One of my resolutions for the New Year's is of course, to become more fit and toned, and at the same time commit myself more strictly to yoga and lose some fat mass!

And who doesn't like to look good while working out? I recently just got back from Sydney and Gold Coast where everyone just seems to be obsessed with working out - They all look so tanned and fit! I can spot both men and women working out in parks, or running along the coastlines, or even in the CBD where all the offices are located and of course they all look so good. That's why I rely on Adidas to keep me kitted with all their sportswear, out of which some are good enough to be worn even out of the gym.

Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-7 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-6 Adidas sportswear nakedgloryvera rs-1
I usually plug in to hip hop or just a workout playlist from Spotify and these earphones from Sudio Sweden really come in handy. I can give you three reasons why I love them:
  1. I can swear that these do not tangle at all. I hate untangling earphone wires, so thanks to the flat wire design of Sudio earphones, they don't tangle the slightest. 
  2. They deliver a really crisp and strong bass - which keeps me pumping during my workout
  3. They just look really good. The earphones and hardware come fitted with either gold or rose gold accents and they look really stylish. I've always been very particular in having everything I wear including my accessories like my coinpouch, wallet, phone case etc look stylish as well - so these definitely make the cut.
You can get them here at Sudio and use naked-glory15 at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase! Free shipping worldwide. Now, it's time for us both to hit the gym.

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