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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Say Goodbye to 2015 in Style

Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-21 Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-53 Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-59 LV Series 3 v Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-63Wearing my new favorite top from Tularosa featuring pom pom details and lace bell sleeves. Finished the look off with boots in light of the rainy weather currently in Singapore.

I feel like another year has flew by just like that. Looking back at 2015, I feel like I haven't accomplished much personal goals that I can really be proud of. I graduated from business school at last with my degree, but graduating felt like a process which I always knew would come. So it didn't come off as a big deal, but rather a big relief.

I think what defined me this year was the wonderful people who have came into my life, and the beautiful things which I was able to see and experience on my travels. They have made me self-reflect and learn things about myself in the process which I never thought I could - especially that 2 weeks alone working on a farm in remote countryside France. I have never felt more alive, and more ready to take on each day and appreciative for nature.

Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-39 Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-27 Marina Bay Sands Dock rs-29 I recently did a tie-up with PARKROYAL Hotels to give my recommendations for the best places in town to head to for New Year's Eye Countdown. I have always been a little bit of an alternative girl, so aside from the usual rooftop bars and clubs in the Marina Bay area, I've also rounded up Tanjong Beach Club - which throws some of the most awesome beach parties ever. Usher 2016 in style over with them!

2016 is going to be a huge year for me, as I will be stepping into the workforce and probably welcoming even more new people into my life. But at the same time, I hope I will have the courage to chase after my dreams, the confidence to take on adversity and belief in myself amidst hard times, and continue to give more love to my existing old relationships.


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