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Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Getaway at Montigo Resorts

I’ve previously been to Batam once and to be honest, there really isn’t much to do in Batam, since they only have one shopping mall (with nothing much inside anyway), and the only other things you can do is to go for seafood and massages. But a recent 3D2N stay in Montigo Resorts proved me otherwise. The three days just flew by together with Jemma and Amanda, thanks to the well thought through itinerary arranged by the GM of Montigo Resorts. 
Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-1 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-2 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-12 Montigo 1The view and the villa got me likeMontigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-5 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-67
Upon a warm welcome at Montigo, the buggy brought us to our villas and literally there were a few seconds of silence as the cameras were whipped out. The villa is huge, with three floors and each villa comes with its own private infinity pool and rooftop. I especially love the wood fixtures in the room in the form of driftwood door handles, sculptures and wall art - I love a hotel that pays attention to interiors styling.

The huge stone bathtub was the highlight of the master bedroom (other than the four poster bed). There is a skylight from the rooftop that opens up, allowing you to really relax and stare at the clouds or the stars when you take a bath and it also floods the bathroom with natural light.

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-109 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-110 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-116 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-114 Private Rooftop BBQ Dining
We had a private rooftop BBQ on our first night in Montigo and was blown away by how impressive the setup was and how unbelievably good the food is. We were originally expecting a casual sit-down BBQ, but turns out that the staff prepared a candlelit dinner setup, complete with everything you would expect at a fine dining restaurant! We enjoyed very attentive wait service from our waiter, and had a 4 course meal that looked like it came out straight from a high end restaurant, given the food presentation and considering that it was prepared with fresh ingredients by two chefs stationed at an openair BBQ pit.

Even the cheesecake was really beautifully plated! If you have a special someone, I think Montigo would be a great place to celebrate your anniversary with a private candlelit dinner.

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-124 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-42 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-37 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-132 Breakfast and Lunch at Tadd’s
Tadd is one of the two restaurants at Montigo - it is beautifully decorated with a nautical theme and an openair concept which overlooks the pool. Once again, impeccable food and service. Instead of a buffet style breakfast, expect a la carte menu selections with both western and Indonesian dishes, both equally tasty and well presented.

For breakfast, the French Toast Brioche is a must order. It comes coated with rolled oat flakes and icing sugar and is really fluffy. Probably one of the best French Toasts I’ve ever had. There are of course the usual suspects such as sunny side up and eggs benedict, or you can select from different breakfast sets, which comes serves with a platter of toasts and pastries, and fresh fruits.

For lunch, Tadd's has a very reliable menu of both Indonesian and Western dishes. I'd highly recommend their Indonesian dishes, which were all excellent.

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-71 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-84
Chill by the Pool and Watch SunsetI really love the openair pool and lounges, which overlooks the sea. You can get a fantastic view of the sunset there and we had so much fun playing with Jem's underwater camera! A dip there is a must and order some drinks while you're at it. Ahhhh, life.

Montigo 4
Chef Experience Cooking Class

This activity is probably suitable for the entire family. It literally brings the whole from farm to table experience to you, as it begins with the Head Chef showing us to the Nursery, where Montigo plants some of their herbs and vegetables used at the restaurant. We were then led out to fish, which proved to be an immense test of patience. Peering into the murky waters, it was hard to believe that there was any fish inside at all! And after a feel attempts of throwing out the bait and having the fish eat it without pulling it up, we were all feeling quite bored and disheartened.

But eventually Shaun caught one! Cue shouts of victory followed by triumphant phototaking. And then Zen caught one shortly after - so it appears that it's 2-0 Boys vs Girls. We brought the fishes up to the outdoors cooking area, where small stoves were already set up next to the pool. Indon cuisine relies heavily on spices, herbs and curries, so cooking was a breeze, since all of these condiments were already prepared for us by the kitchen team. We successfully cooked up Gado Gado, Banana Leaf Steamed Fish and Fish Curry using the fishes we just caught. And if you've never eaten fresh fish, you definitely need to try this!

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-169 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-175 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-174
Chase Sunset on a Private Yacht
One of the biggest highlights of the trip was probably this. It was slightly hazy, so we didn't manage to get a beautiful sunset as we hoped, but it was still really lovely being atop the yacht. There's just something about setting sail, and you'd feel like a queen standing at the upper deck and feeling the wind rush by. 

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-48
Spa and Massage
A visit to Montigo's spa is an absolute must. You can choose from an extensive spa and massage menu, including Java Massage, Hot Stone Massage or even a massage with 2 therapists. Upon arrival, you'd be asked about your key areas of concern and select your preferred massage oils. The spa therapists here are really very well trained to target those problem areas which are tight in your body. 

It was my first time trying out Hot Stone massage, and about 10 heated stones are gradually 'introduced' to your body on the back of your neck, your belly button and on your lower back, and arms at each time. No worries that these stones will burn - they are actually really hot but your body will gradually get used to the temperature and relax. I fell asleep during the 1.5h massage and I felt more refreshed than ever! But I think the next time I'll still stick to deep tissue Javanese massage to target my tense shoulders. 

Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-52 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-55 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-17 Montigo 2 Montigo 3 Montigo Resort x nakedgloryvera-96
Other activities you can explore include KTV, paintball, ping pong, billiard at Tiigo Beach Club. They also have outdoors moving screening by the sandpit on Sundays, which I would imagine to be a great experience as well since they have a huge sandpit which is lit by fairy lights at night.

Overall, I would say Montigo is just the perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway, where you can just relax and be pampered by the warm service here! We were treated just like kings and queens and fed non-stop during the trip. 

Thank you Montigo for such a wonderful getaway experience. 

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