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Monday, September 28, 2015

What to Wear when Working Out

Sportswear sports luxe-1 Sportswear sports luxe 1 Sportswear sports luxe-5 Sportswear sports luxe-4 Sportswear sports luxe-6 Wearing sports bra and cotton tights from Nike
Track shoes from Adidas
All available at Dot Store 
Shot by Phoebe Chin

It comes as a surprise to some people, but I actually like to push myself quite hard in the gym. On top of gym 3x a week, I also make time to do yoga at least once a week. If not for the fact that Singapore's weather is horrid - and hazy too, of late - I would probably do my workouts outdoors much more often. Working out outdoors puts the physicality of my environment in me, and keeps the workout fresh as you run along a river, for example.

I miss my times in London when I would run in parks and observe people going about their daily doings. It just helps me refocus back at my computer much better too.

I keep my workout outfit simple and mostly in shades of black and neutrals, such as grey, because I find that wearing black tights makes one feel more sleek. Maybe I've been influenced too much by Catwoman. Love this ensemble from Nike, including that chic shoe bag and drinking bottle, all emblazoned boldly with the Nike logo. Nike OTT?
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Soulscape 2015-2 Soulscape 2015-1 Soulscape 2015-3 Soulscape 2015-4
I wore the above outfit to the recent Soulscape Yoga Festival - giving me good reason to work out outdoors! Try doing yoga on the beach - I swear it's 3x harder while trying to balance on the sand! Which also makes it a very good core workout.

I was at Soulscape since the early morning, so that meant 3 classes back to back and more than 6 hours of yoga all the way into the sunset! There was a lot of cobras, chaturangas and downward dogs involved, but at the same time, the experienced instructors were really good at making me detach my mind from my body, to be more mindful and thankful for all that I have. Through some of the classes, I also challenged my body to do more than I am usually comfortable with - to sink deeper into my Warrior pose, or to bend deeper into a backbend. My body honestly haven't felt that good in ages afterwards, and my mind never felt so calm and clear. That's the power of yoga.

It was also lovely getting to know other yogis and share our enthusiasm together for outdoors yoga! Seriously love yoga as you can do it anywhere, as long as you have a mat.

Thank you Soulscape for the invite and the great times.

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  1. I've ordered some of the full length workout clothes but the 22 inch is my favorite. As far as I can tell they are not see through, the space grey seemed a bit thinner fabric so I was concerned those may be a bit see through. But they seemed okay.


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