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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sports Luxe - How to Dress for the Office II

Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (5 of 22) Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism roses ii Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (3 of 22) Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism rosesWearing Eclecticism Lauren Jasmine blouse, Club Monacco satin blend skirt with white trimmings, The Shoemaker's Elf leather strap sandals

Today marks the first day of my internship, where I'll be working hard away for the next six months. So - it would only be apt that I introduce Part II of How to Dress for the Office series.

Tip #1 - Add some Colors
As you can see, office wear does not always have to be about black and white. You can always add some colors by replacing black with royal purple, navy, emerald green, oxblood red, burgundy and other deep color shades. However, keep the color palette to no more than three colors for a pulled together look that looks sleek and professional.

Tip #2 - Add some Details
You can make your outfit look more interesting by wearing blouses with more details, such as this one here from Lauren Jasmine with lace inserts at the collar. You can also play with textures by wearing knit, silk, satin or other textured fabrics.

Tip #3 - Accessorize!
If your office dress code is really stuffy boring strict that you must stick to a monochrome color palette, you can always make it more interesting through your accessories! Here, I have on a simple pink jewel necklace that matches the pink of my leather strap sandals (3 color rule). You can of course always have pearl whites, champagne, rose gold and silver accessories or add some color through leather wrap bracelets (think the ones from Balenciaga or Hermes).

And that sums up my tips for this installation of How to Dress for the Office! Let me know if you would like to know more style tips with regards to mastering the OL look. Please don't let your boss see you in those horrible skater dresses next time! *winks*

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