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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Pencil Skirt - How to dress for the Office

Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (17 of 22) Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (21 of 22) Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism noir Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (18 of 22) Lauren Jasmine Eclecticism (19 of 22) Wearing chemise shirt from Zara and Ruffled rose print pencil skirt from Eclecticism Lauren Jasmine

I'm about to start work very soon in less than two weeks' time full time in the CBD (Raffles Place) area and so I guess I've been prepping for a few Office Lady (OL) looks.

For me, a great OL look should be simple, smart and clean, but using accessories to add details to the look. Someone once told me that the clothes you wear forms the backbone of your sentence, but accessories act as punctuation. In addition, the look should be well-fitting, yet not body wrapping, which makes this pencil skirt tick all my boxes above! Paired with a plain black chemise, and you have the perfect OL look!

Some tips for the office look -
  • Do not completely shun colors - you can add a pop to your office look with some pastels, light blues, greys and neutrals. An all white look such as a white shirt with white chinos pants can be updated with a pastel pink or yellow blazer. 
  • Prints should be simple, with one primary color base and not look too busy or unprofessional.
  • Always ensure that the overall look is fitted well on your body - no oversized pants or flowy skirts. Exceptions only for boyfriend blazers (good to throw on a shift dress when it gets chilly under the aircon!)
And there you have it, my 3 OL tips. Look out for the second installation coming at the end of the week! 

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