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Friday, June 6, 2014

Recently... Second Helpings Beenut Butters

Second Helpings Beenut Butter (1 of 5) Second Helpings Beenut Butter (4 of 5) Second Helpings Beenut Butter (3 of 5) Second Helpings Beenut Butter (5 of 5)
I know I usually don't talk about food on my blog, but I just thought that this was too good not to share. Second Helpings is a run by Tannie and Ezra, a loving, Singaporean couple with a dream to bring good food back on the table by using whole ingredients without any of your usual artificial flavourings or additives. Honey is used as a sweetener in all their peanut butters, which was why they renamed it to "Beenut Butters" instead.

The Original Beenut Butter features just peanuts, olive oil, honey and sea salt and is very creamy with subtle hints of salty and sweet at the same time. So good you would definitely spoon for seconds. Cocovan Beenut Butter has dessicated coconut and real vanilla bean seeds added in, which gives the nut butter some texture and extra fragrance, while Black Beenut Butter features 100% cocoa powder and with me being a chocoholic, it is definitely my fav out of the three!

What I love about Second Helpings is that it is actually a social enterprise which helps underprivileged families by contributing towards their daily necessities and food, but yet they humbly refuse to call themselves that. Explaining, Tannie says, "We would rather people associate us with the quality of our products and how good it tastes, rather than purchasing from us because we help a charitable cause. And we would also not call ourselves a health food company, because our products are not necessarily health foods, but rather that we want to bring natural goodness to the table to ordinary families."

With such a strong conscience and big heart behind Second Helpings and such spoon-lickin' goodness, consider me sold. I'm ditching all the supermarket options now.

Recently... is a new column up on my blog featuring whatever catches my whimsy at the moment and so it will cover aspects of lifestyle other than fashion. I hope the launch of this fixture would give my blog a more holistic dimensionality and also a peek into my lifestyle.


  1. I really like the Second Helpings' ideology and their Beenut Butters look simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing Vera :)

    1. Really glad you liked it! And thank you for your comment!


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