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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The many sides of me

DSC_4161 DSC_4171 DSC_4191 DSC_4253
Wearing Yesah Jungle Blazer, string-tie lace camisole (vintage from Paris), denim overalls (vintage from Jakarta), Lovisa finger rings, accessories from all over

I know most of the time the photos of my blog show me cool, unsmiling and pensive. I almost don't post photos of myself in other situations to keep the content of my blog consistent, and so what you see is only just a small part of me. A lot of people tell me: "Vera, when I first saw your blog and you in person, I didn't dare to approach you because I thought you were very 'up-there'. But then after talking to you, I realized you're actually extremely nice."

So to give you an idea, in real life, I'm very much just the average girl that you might meet. I talk too much, I complain about school, I do window-shopping at Zara because I don't have enough money, I laugh too loudly, I come up with the craziest ideas and I dive into love too easy.

This series featuring highly saturated colors and heavily contrasted photos is signature of my talented friend John, shot in collaboration with Linda Hao for her estore, Yesah. Linda has been a constant source of style inspiration for me since I've started my blog. Even though her style is very different from mine - always an explosion of colors and quirky prints, paired with loud, statement accessories - somehow she always seem to makes it all come together harmoniously. Her estore, Yesah, is an extension of her personality - quirky apparel with loud colors or prints, vintage dresses, designer pieces which she sources from Shanghai, Taiwan and other parts of Asia.
Props to Linda as well for following her dreams in design and going out to set up a brand that is non-commercial and also for being such a successful DJ as well!

Yesah girl DSC_4306 Wearing Yesah Jungle Blazer, Forever21 High-Neck Crop Top, CO. by Cotton On Gold Faux Leather Pleat Skirt, Pazzion Strap Heels

It was scorching hot that day at Little India where we shot, but I still had a lot of fun exploring the small shophouses adorned with flower garlands and painted in rainbow colors. In the last photo, you can see me very amused shooting with two Indians in the frame as well; somehow they seem to be even more comfortable than local Singaporeans seeing me so dressed up and having a shoot in a random neighborhood.

The day ended with me having a sumptuous Indian vegetarian meal, with naan and 8 different small side vegetarian dishes cooked in various types of spices and curry. Yum.

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