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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Faux Updo for Short Hair Tutorial - TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour

Faux updo for short hair tutorial 2

I'm finally going to reveal how I make a faux updo from short hair! This is great for formal occasions, or simply when you want to change up your look.
If you try this out, please let me see your results on Instagram by tagging #verafauxupdo!

Tools of the Trade (in order of sequence):
1. Prep - Volume Plumping Mousse
2. Casual - Forming Spray Gel
3. Glamour - Moisturising Shine Spray
4. Glamour - Firm Hold Hairspray

  1. As always, towel dry your wet hair, then apply Volume Plumping Mousse generously to the roots of your hair to give your hair some volume and definition for styling later. 
  2. Apply Forming Spray Gel to the ends of your hair, where you will be twisting into a faux updo later on. You can either spray the gel directly onto your hair, or spray them onto your hands first and then applying them onto your hair. The gel enhances your hair layers for texture, on top of giving your hair some flexible hold and movement, that will make your hair easier to work with. 
  3. Using bobby pins, take sections of your hair and twist them inwards, tuck them in and then pin down. Work around half of your head first and then move on to the other side. The trick is to twist the hair inwards to make it look like a bun of sorts. 
  4. Leave the fringe for the last and twist them away from your face. 
  5. Tuck any excess baby hairs or loose strands at the back into the twist. Secure with extra bobby pins. 
  6. Apply Moisturising Shine Spray to give your hair some natural shine and long-lasting smoothness.
  7. Finish off with Firm Hold Hairspray generously, especially over the twist. This hairspray provides you with firm, staying hold without stiffness that makes it ideal for updos. 
Let me know if you have any questions with regards to this tutorial and I hope you try this out! 

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