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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AFF 2013 Day 4 Highlights - Jun Okamoto and Peter Pilotto

Jun Okamoto SS13 i Jun Okamoto FW13 ii _MG_1666

Jun Okamoto presented both his SS13 and FW13 collections together, conjuring up a dreamy landscape with relaxed silhouettes. For his SS13 collection, the designer made use of lightweight cotton fabrics and built them around floral prints, ruffles and checks. For the FW13 collection, titled A sweet breakfast for her who dislikes coffee, the designer featured more prints of landscapes and stars, which felt like a trip back to the Japan countryside.
The clothes were very unpretentious - it didn't look like the designer was trying too hard to impress. On the contrary, the looks all look very comfortable - they were all cut straight without any waist accentuations - clothes which you wouldn't want to take off the moment you step home.

Despite them being two different collections, they melded so beautifully together that it looked like a seamless transition from day to night. Paired together with music in collaboration with local Singapore artist April Lee (ASPIDISTRAFLY), the fabric flowed beautifully like water as the models strutted down the runway. I had the privilege of meeting April during AFF, and she was really a very lovely and down-to-earth girl, who has a distinctive boho, slightly gypsy style to speak for her equally languid music. Her vocals are very rich and velvety, without being too overpowering against gentle ambiance of her music. (Please check out her music, it is wonderful when you play them alone at night!)

Essentially, what Jun Okamoto seemed to be promoting was not just fashion, but a lifestyle. A slow pace of life where one can spend time enjoying simple moments such as the morning sunshine on your face as you sip coffee, simple wild flowers and stargazing.

_MG_1808 Peter Pilotto FW13 ii Peter Pilotto FW13 i _MG_1791 Peter Pilotto FW13 iii

In contrast, Peter Pilotto's FW13 show opened with a bold statement: a red jacket with exaggerated shoulders and a geometric wrap shirt in red, black and white with sharp, hard lines. The next few looks which followed were equally strong, with boxy cut jackets, emphasis on the shoulders paired with pencil skirts printed with visually arresting geometric prints. The silhouette was kept streamlined, with the neckline cut straight, extending to exaggerated wide cap sleeves. Shoes were kept simple with black patent leather oxfords, which looked very chic paired with the maximal, high impact looks.

I especially liked the puffer coats that were printed with very fresh prints - it was rather refreshing for winterwear. My favourite is the one with fur collar accents cut rather dress-like in a lantern skirt - the prints balanced out the girliness of the silhouette. Even though Pilotto's collection is primarily built upon his mastery in digital prints, he is careful when pairing the prints with cut to ensure that the print looks alive when worn on the body. The last few looks featured nipped waist dresses which opens out to a double paneled full skirt cut across each leg, making the 3-D prints pop with movement.

Sequins and crystals, as well as knit was also used to create innovative patterns which was a rather refreshing way of presenting print. All in all, a very strong collection that was a visual feast.

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