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Saturday, May 11, 2013

In Talks With Yvan Rodic, Facehunter in Singapore

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The first fashion event I attended was during the booksigning session of Yvan Rodic's first book, Facehunter, at A Curious Teepee. I still remember vividly that I was really shy due to the fear of rejection that people will just dismiss me as yet another girl trying to start a fashion blog and gain a foothold in the industry. However, thanks to the wonderful people that I met at the event (designer Mae Pang, host Sara Ann K, fellow blogger Viona Wang and lady boss of A Curious Teepee Tracy Philips) that gave me the confidence to go forth and start my own blog. Now three years has just flew past me, and looking back at my first blog post, I can't help but cringe those poorly aligned and edited photos, the amateur style of reporting, the colloquialism and ubiquitous use of fluffy words like "love", "cool", "nice", "stylish"...I can go on and on. But that post stays as a marker and constant reminder of how I was when I first started out and how far I have grown since.

It came full circle for me when I interviewed Yvan Rodic when he was in town at H&M to promote his newest book, A Year in the Life of Facehunter.

Naked Glory: Are there any differences in your work this time round, compared to your first book (titled: Facehunter) three years ago? 
Yvan Rodic: For this book, I've injected more personal stories and broader inspiration. It's not just streetstyle - it's architecture, culture, design and that makes it more unique. Because there's so many streetstyle books around, when I came up with the second book, I wanted to add a narrative to it and make it tell a story. So this one is more of a travel/inspiration diary captured in 30 different cities with an emphasis on style and people.

NG: Comparing the different countries that you've been to, which country do you like shooting in? Is it Japan?
YR: Well it's OK, Japan is good, but I also like Stockholm, Copenhagen, LA, London, Jakarta, Sydney...

NG: So Singapore is not one of them? 
YR: I think it's nice, but people on average don't really dress up because it's too hot. Would you spend the whole day dressed like that? (referring to my look of a knit sweater and digital baroque floral print skirt). Maybe you would, maybe not..?

NG: Today it was raining so it was OK for me. I dress according to the weather and to my mood.
 But I don't think the weather should stop people from dressing up, that's no excuse. You can still layer with chiffon and breathable lightweight cotton fabrics. 
YR: I know, but sometimes it makes it too troublesome, I guess. I mean I wouldn't wear my blazer outside, I'll just die, you know. *laughs*

NG: Any future plans with regards to your work?
YR: Yeah, now I'm working on a web TV show project. It's still in development, and we're still in talks, but hopefully it's going to be out soon. The show will be about me traveling the world, unveiling new cultures and interviewing new creatives such as artists, designers and musicians. 

I can't wait to see his newest TV show, because I feel like he has a very good eye in spotting out underground culture, and an infectious energy that makes his subjects feel at ease being shot. But in the meantime, Singapore would need to buck up in terms of dressing! Hot weather does not give us an excuse to dress sloppily or in too casual a manner. Style is about individualism and self-expression, or knowing what looks good on you and being able to pair things up to complete a look that reflects yourself. So even in hot weather, you can always mix prints, textures (knit and chiffon), layer with lightweight fabrics and adorn yourself with accessories.


  1. Im glad you found the confidence to blog, because I'm liking what I see! I blog about love and funny stuff so you can imagine how terrifying it was to start too :)


    1. Thanks for taking the time go through my blog and for your wonderful comment :)
      Looking forward to meet you dear!

  2. You are so cute on those pics Vera <3 love!


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