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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bali Photodiary & Itinerary

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I promised that I will share my travel adventures in Bali, so here they are in chronological order! I was in Bali for 6 days and everyday I woke up feeling very excited to discover yet another part of this amazing island. I first stayed in Seminyak and Legian, then moved to Ubud to see the gorgeous rice paddy fields, and then ended with a day trip to Kintamani and finally, Kuta just before we flew back to Singapore.

Some highlights of my trip includes parasailing, standing at the edge of a rock cliff with no bars fencing me in, visiting numerous famous Bali Hindu temples that had hundred years of history, witnessing the sun being swallowed by the ocean twice, eating the most amazing food at great prices...I can go on and on.

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PC130689 Bali has a good number of bars and clubs (especially in the Kuta region), but the one that I would really recommend you to go is Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa. From the photo, you can see that the bar is built entirely on the edge of the cliff, where you can smell and even feel the saltiness of sea water crash against the rocks. The drinks are slightly on the expensive side - one drink costs around SGD21 - but for the whole experience, it was definitely worth it. Plus, I got to witness the most amazing sunset ever! It was the first time in my life that I had got to see the sun as a ball of fire, just disappearing slowly down the edge of the sea and then out of sight.

I would also recommend you to go to Kintamani to see the active Volano Kintamani and its adjacent lake. If you have time, I think you should give mountain-climbing a try with Bali's tallest mountain, Mt Batur. I didn't get to try it this time round and would definitely be back next time to do it!

Out of all the different regions of Bali I went to, I enjoyed Ubud the most. Ubud is located in the central part of Bali and houses miles and miles of rice paddy fields and small villages with a stronger traditional Javanese culture. It was very much unlike the commercialized Kuta region (filled with malls and roadside clubs) and the increasingly crowded Seminyak. I will be talking more about Ubud in my next post on Bali, so check back here in a few days! :)

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  1. Great post, Which you have shared here about the bali day trips. Your pictures are very beautiful and I liked all of these. Thanks for sharing this article here.


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