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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunglasses make thy Man

Anna Wintour

We dress ourselves up with designer clothes and gorgeous precious stones, leather handbags and sculptural shoes, but we often forget that sunglasses is one of our most important accessories. You can just take a look at the maestros or grande dames in the industry to know that sunglasses is important to them not just as accessories but as their image. And image is a very powerful and sacred thing in the fashion industry.

Anna Wintour is never seen without her shades during fashion weeks and she has been keeping her trademark bob hairstyle for perhaps, since she was a teenager. (Google "anna wintour teenager photos" and it'll come out.) The venerable Anna Wintour wears vintage Chanel sunglasses that covers almost half of her face and swears by it as her armour of sorts, especially during fashion week, if she's feeling bored looking at numerous collections non-stop. Her style consists of Chanel sunglasses, antique Georgian gemstone necklaces (that cost at least 10,000 pounds for just one), a colorful, tailored print dress, a suit jacket (often seen wearing Chanel tweed jackets) and nude Manolo Blahnik satin pumps. After some research, I found that her preferred designers include YSL, Prada, Chanel, Carolina Herera and Marni. She usually never carries a bag - she has someone else to do that for her.

You can copy Anna Wintour's style for much lesser, with these Prada sunglasses. You can click the specifications below the product image to find out the exact dimensions of the shades to determine if they fit your face shape.
Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is even more attached to his shades, for his is almost never seen without them, even at night. Kaiser Karl wears Dior Homme suits, and relies on Hilditch & Key, a shop in rue de Rivoli in Paris for his high collared white shirts. He has a preference for fingerless studded leather gloves and usually pairs them with jewels such as those from Shamballa Jewels featuring white gold pearls.

You can copy his style with these thick framed Cerruti aviators from and you can even get them with prescription lenses for those with myopia.
Olsen Twins style

Finally, the Olsen twins. This pair of actresses turned fashion designers for their line The Row are often seen wearing shades too. They used to lean towards the grungy, disheveled boho looks but since they have launched The Row, their styles have been much more sleek and polished.

Pair a military power shoulder blazer with loose fitting tank tops and black silk slips, together with black boots from Alexander Wang and you should be good to go. Shown here are those Jeffrey Campbell Soiree shoes with clear perplex heels that I really love. You can dress up your looks with chic gold or silver framed aviators from Ray Ban or this chic round frame style from Prada.

All the sunglasses I've listed here are clipped from I've recently discovered their site and they carry countless styles from more than 150 designer brands and the best thing is that they offer a 24 month warranty, free lens cleaning kit and here's the best part... 100% returns guarantee! So you can be sure of finding a pair of sunglasses or prescription glass frames that you like. They also offer almost all the contact lenses there are on the market and prescription lenses together with your glasses frames or built into your shades.

But the best thing I like about them is still their BUY ONE, GIVE ONE scheme. For every pair of glasses that you buy, Smartbuyglasses will give one pair to someone in need through their non-profit charity partners located in Ghana, China and Indonesia. You can learn more about it here. I always appreciate a company with a strong social entrepreneurship element - it makes me feel good shopping with them!


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