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Friday, February 10, 2012

PARCO next NEXT 2012 Preview


A few days ago, Naked Glory got the privilege to meet the up-and-coming local designers, aged from 23 to 39, of PARCO next NEXT's fashion incubator project. This is PARCO's 3rd new batch of designers and I have to say the creative potential in Singapore is constantly developing. You can check out PARCO's previous batches under the Parco next next tag on my blog!
I pray as you read on, you will be well inspired some way or another.

(TaFf vice-president David Wang, giving an introductory speech)

PARCO next NEXT was started in early 2010 and well-recognised for the success of their designers such as MAE PANG, max.tan, OwnMuse, to name a few. In collaboration with PARCO Singapore and Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf), this incubator project is an 18-month mentorship programme that not only renders creative development but also the business aspect. It is not a secret that breaking into the fashion industry is nothing close to simple. The aim of this project is to help nurture the potential of these young and passionate fashion designers and establish them in the fashion world, both local-wise and internationally. Mind you, some of these designers were previously leading non fashion-related careers before deciding to give it their all for this exciting journey.

Alright, down to the most important part. The labels that will take launch soon this year are:
There will be a total of 18 labels that will be launching in April this year at PARCO Marina Bay and in my upcoming posts, I will definitely introduce some of my favourite labels.
It was so crowded I did not really have the chance to talk to everyone. Even as the crowd dispersed, I could see they were getting pretty exhausted. It definitely is not an easy road, being a creative and a businessman at the same time. As most of them have told me: the trick was not just passion alone, but the ability to focus.

Met a few of my lovely bloggers there as well! Shane (mymomhatesfashion) and Liyana (sunshinesummer).


Meanwhile it would be great to find out more information about this project on the site and their facebook page.

Oh and do keep a look out for the introductory post on my favourite few in this space ;) See ya!
- Kristie


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