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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lips as red as wine

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Wearing thrifted cropped black tee and maroon billowy chiffon pants, Rubi wedges, H&M bracelet

The year of the Dragon is finally here! This year's Chinese New Year does indeed feel too soon because it's just a few weeks after the new year on the calendar...
Wore this pretty pair of wine red chiffon pants in the days leading up to chinese new year to get myself into the festive mood. In case you haven't noticed already, I'm a sucker for all things slightly sheer and billowy, which gives great movement when you walk, so this pair of pants was something that I've been lusting after for quite some time.

This chinese new year, both my mom and my childhood friend with whom I've spent practically every new year's with are overseas, so it feels really boring at home with just me and my dad. Usually my chinese new year would be spent collecting red packets (for my international readers those are packets filled with money given from elders), eating a giant sumptous feast prepared for CNY eve, sleeping over at my friend's house, and playing with mini sparklers. But this year it was just really That did stop us from making dumplings on the eve though - dumplings are always a traditional must on the eve. It's pretty hard work - from preparing the ingredients for the filling, making the dough, rolling the dough out into small pieces to finally sealing it. But it's a laborious process that usually brings the whole family together into its making.

Here's how they look like before they were dropped into the pot!
Have a great chinese new year - there are a total of 15 days to it!

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