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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How-To: Dress up the White Tshirt

I think the plain white teeshirt must be the most underrated item ever. I guess most of us are just too caught up with the newest clothes out each season - now 4 seasons to be exact, including pre-fall and cruise collections - to sometimes go back the the very basics.

So here I've pieced together 4 looks on Polyvore to honour this hardworking little number in our wardrobes. All the outfits uses T by Alexander Wang's white teeshirt. 
Tough Girl

The first look isn't intended for your typical cookie cutter girl, but rather the "I cut cookies" girl, which is why I incorporated elements of that gorgeous spiked Lita skyscraper heels, YSL leopard print pony fur purse and that red Iman lippie. I also especially love the trend of patterend skinnies, which is why I chose this snakeskin glossy number here to be the feature of this outfit. 
Fuschia is the blush of your face

I've been watching a lot of GossipGirl recently after a few years of drought from it. It wasn't that I was abstaining from that backstabbing bitching goodness, but rather I just kind of forgot about it for a while so I've skipped Season 3 and 4 to go straight to Season 5. You don't really need history to watch GG. 
Of course my sartorial role model is always Serena VDW, because her wardrobe is really amazing and pretty much what I'd wear to anywhere. And her hair is always gorgeous. 

For this look, tuck your white tee into a neon bright maxi skirt. I would advise you against cotton/jersey material to polish the look up, so go for chiffon or silk woven fabrics instead. Complete with equally loud sandals and satchel and add an embellished vest or denim vest.
What It's Like To Be

For this look, I kept the palette rather muted along the lines of deep blue, black and grey but the centre of attention here is really that sequin skirt. If you don't have a sequin skirt, just opt for a slightly more dressed up skirt like leather one, or an embellished or rosette one. Basically just any skirt to pull this whole outfit together.
PS Doesn't Sun Feifei look gorgeous in the editorial for Vogue China here?

London Calling

Finally, a preppy girl look. Tuck your white shirt into any preppy schoolgirl skirt - here I used a navy polka dot skirt but you can substitute it with a houndstooth, striped or checkered skirt. Pair it off with a red blazer for some colour and a ladylike satchel. 

Some general rules of the thumb to dress up your white shirt:
1. Pair it with an interesting bottom that will pull together your whole look or bring the attention just to that piece alone. It can be anything from a maxi skirt (solid color, no prints) to just skinny pants or jeans (ripped jeans are fine too!) to a cocktail-ish skirt. 
2. Top it off with a blazer! A blazer and shirt never goes wrong - they're like jam and butter.
3. Keep the rest of your outfit simple - eg just the white shirt and black skinny jeans - but add some really kickass shoes!

Don't forget your makeup and hair counts towards your overall look as well! 
Let me know what you think of this new how-to series and if you would like to see any more of this in the future! :)


  1. I love the fourth style board. Very classy :)

  2. Great tips! The white tee is so classic and chic :)

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