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Friday, December 16, 2011

Riding on the tail of a coat

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Vintage gold thread coat worn as cowl neck outer, H&M black tunic, The scarlet room skirt with chiffon panels

I fished this beautiful gold thread coat out from the bargain bin in Free'p Star, a thrift store in Paris (you can see my guide to thrifting in Paris here). When I saw it I just knew I needed to get it because it was so beautiful. Turn it one side and you can see the gold shimmer of the fabric, turn it another side it was back to black. It's true when they say they don't make things the same anymore, you just can't find pieces like these in stores.

I guess this outfit is a little bit abstract because of the black and white, but it's made interesting by the gold threading of the coat. I buttoned one side of the coat up to the other end such that it looked like I was wearing a cowl neck shroud instead of just a normal coat. I love this skirt as well, it makes me feel like I have a soft pair of wings. I'm a big sucker for clothes with movement, which explains why a lot of pieces in my wardrobe have long trailing tails of fabric, or excess fabric in the form of tulle, organza or soft chiffon.

Anyway, for your Christmas shopping, you may wanna check out UNESTABLISH, a local online boutique that stocks many of our local as well as overseas independent designers. Definitely a good place for you to get unique one off designer wear for your friends, or perhaps to treat yourself - they have a number of amazing party-suitable dresses over there!
Here are 3 looks that I love the most:
For Love & Lemons Casablanca Dress
Pauline Ning Organza Top
Pauline Ning Drapery Skirt
I've been a friend of Pauline's since I met her last year at Parco Next next and I must say she is really a talented young designer. These 2 pieces that I've chosen are from her older collection - lately she's been up to some really interesting work by working in mixing fabrics and asymmetric cuts. You can see my past posts about her here and here. A little birdie has also told me that you can get 25% off and free worldwide shipping just by using the code XMAS25 at checkout :)

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