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Thursday, December 15, 2011

H&M - King of high-low retail tieups?

Just not long after the madness that ensued over Versace x H&M collection, which launched on 15 November, H&M's next exclusive collection featuring a collaboration with the costume designer of the famous book turned movied, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, would be launching its rock chic collection on our shores on 17 December. This is not yet withstanding the fact that H&M has just announced yet another Italian designer collaboration, this time with Marni, which will launch next year on 8 March 2012.

The wildly successful Versace x H&M collection was snapped in less than a day after it was released practically worldwide, leaving only the perhaps the larger sizes or some home accessories left. The more surprising thing was the the guys' collection - of which includes a hot pink suit, leather bomber jacket and suits with Miami prints in clashing colours of turquoise and neon yellow - were sold out within minutes as well, with some guys just grabbing the clothes frantically off the shelfs! I hope those guys that bought them are really intending to wear the clothes and not peddle it at a significantly markedup price on eBay.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collection is a slightly more commercial version of Salander's dirty, grungy rock chic look. Lots of hoodies, leather motorcycle jackets, combat boots in shades of black, grey, army green and burgundy. Also includes tough girl leather backpacks and slightly gothic accessories. Prices range from US$3.95 for earrings up to $199 for the leather jackets, but boots just going at $59.95. If it's well-made, it can perhaps replace your trendy Dr Martens!
You can see the full collection here.

Less than a month after its widely successful collaboration with Versace, H&M has done it again. It's next designer team up would be with Italian brand Marni and will be launched on 8 March 2012. The Italian label founded and designed by Consuelo Castiglioni known for its clothes with rich prints and colours, with a touch of luxe boho and pop. Marni x H&M is reported to have the brand's signature colour blocking and print-on-print aesthetic, with a full range of accessories such as its desirable chunky shoes, necklaces and trademark conical hats.
I suppose recently these Italian labels want to appeal to the mass market and the only way they saw fit was H&M, as they have the technicality of in-house designers and creative director at helm to come up with the sample fabrics which the designer can approve. You can also see from the extravagant set that H&M designed for Donatella Versace's advertisement and the models that they can sign on for the campaign, which includes runway regulars Abbey Lee Keshaw and Daphne Gronewald. I suppose this is the clout that H&M holds, unlike Topshop, Zara or any other high street brands. I definitely welcome designer tieups, because it gives poor mortals like me a chance to experience part of a luxury brand, but at the same time I wonder if this will give H&M the power as well to jack up their prices of even their normal lines. Additionally, will this translate into poorer sales for the other highstreet brands due to different brand perception of H&M or whenever H&M stages yet another designer tie-up?
Just some food for thought.

Versace Marni Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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