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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look backwards, a step forward

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Wearing H&M mesh sleeve blouse, Topshop tulle skirt, New Look wedges, bunch of rings (as usual, duh)

I usually don't blog about personal stuff, but hey - it's 2 days to the new year and I only do this once a year! 2011 really feels like a blur to me. This whole year has been so turbulent - full of ups and downs - and so many things have happened while it felt like I had simply stood there in the middle of a busy street, watching someone else's life enfold before my eyes.
Here's a list of my top 10 things that happened to me in chronological order.

1. I worked in a PR firm for 6 months managing various clients' portfolios and doing everything from writing press releases to packing press kits.
2. I received my A Level results in March and had real suicidal thoughts because of the my mom's failure to understand how disappointed I was with myself. I moved out of home.
3. I still got into the university and course (NUS Business) that I wanted despite my results.
4. I went to Paris!!!!!! At long last! And I saw Anna Dello Russo, Hanneli M, Tommy Ton, Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld, Frida Gustavsson, Anna Selezna, Freja B Ericssen, Liu Wen, Daphne Guinness, Stephanie LaCava, Anna Wintour and Giorgio Armani (among many others) in person during Paris Haute Couture Week!
5. I went into university, moved into residential halls and my friends and social circle increased by at least 100.
6. I fell in love, had someone love me back, experienced breakup and fell out of love all in a period of 3 months.
7. My blog is doing really well despite it only just turned one year old! I attended Men's Fashion Week, Audi Fashion Festival, Blueprint tradeshow and Women's Fashion Week among many other events.
8. I became the victim of an attempted robbery and was physically hurt. 
9. I did rather well for my first semester in uni, despite being the bottom 10th percentile of the cohort when I got in.
10. I got offered an interview for a fashion product writer in early Jan 2012 for a huge German company!

Looking back, I do think that I have learnt a lot this year and I feel proud of the work that I've achieved for myself. Therefore, my new year resolutaions would be pretty simple:

To continue to work hard towards my own goals, namely to improve in my performance in NUS Business, to not abandon my blog by managing my time carefully, to earn money for myself and to find new love. No more doing things to please my mother who doesn't appreciate the things I do, but rather to do things to make myself fulfilled and satisfied and up to my own expectations.

That, I feel, would be the fastest way to achieve happiness. And happiness is meant to be pursued.


  1. Vera you look incredible, and I miss you too so much! I hope to see you soon! Merry christmas!

  2. I just love the first picture.You look very beautiful in it :)I found your blog in my IFB group and I am now following.Would love it if you stopped by and followed if you like what you see:)


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