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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let me take you along for a ride

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H&M pink tank top, H&M tribal print skirt, thrifted denim shirt, Zara leather strap sandals, rings from all over the place

This is my outfit on a casual day out - I love this outfit for its colours! I got my H&M tank top in France actually and the H&M tribal print skirt was from H&M Singapore's preview opening night. Speaking of which, H&M is doing roaring business here in Singapore and I've seen not just locals shopping in there but lots of Caucasian tourists as well. Even though they are stocked with F/W clothes now that are not very weather appropraite for Singapore, they are still popular with shoppers for its 3 mega floored shopping. I haven't visited Abercrombie and Fitch since they opened so I can't comment on how the other megastore at Knightsbridge is doing but I suppose they must be doing quite well too.

Singapore is fast becoming the destination for high street mass retailers with a lot of clout to open up chain mega retail concepts. But frequently I question the need for all those shops because you see practically the same shops everywhere. Zara, alone has 4 stores just along Orchard Road in such close proximity to one another, while Topshop and Forever 21 both has 3 stores along Orchard. Even in shopping malls elsewhere it's always the same retailers. And it's not just fashion retailers, the coffee chains are the same ones franchised from US brands as well so much so that Singaporeans are so used to anticipating yet another opening of the same store and living in conformity that they don't realize.

I long for independent shops but those can probably only be found in Haji Lane, Ann Siang Hill and Raffles Shopping Arcade. We need more creativity and individuals to come out to do their own thing, and we need governmental support and encouragement as well for these people.


  1. Totally agree! sadly everywhere in the world now from the smallest cities in the middle east to Asia, highstreet retailers are taking over! if you thought Singapore is bad, try Dubai where H&M has 12 stores or Lebanon which has 6 already! it was sad to go to Haji Lane yesterday and compare the tiny crowd in each shop to the masses along Orchard looking to buy the same stuff everybody wears!

  2. great great shirt and your rings are amazing !

  3. Hi! Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    @Rana: yeah I do agree that Asian markets are being saturated w fashion conglomerates because that's where the money is. With the exception of Japan and Taiwan that have more individual style & indie designer stores, I think the rest of Asia will continue to go that way till we develop our own individuality like the Europeans.

  4. you look gorgeous, lovely skirt :) xo


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