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Thursday, July 14, 2011

PFW Day 3 - Valentino couture show

Day 3

Weather: Cold, windy with a slight drizzle
Mood: Initially apprehensive

Day 3 of Paris haute couture week and I arrived at Valentino cold as hell having been whipped in the wind and rain. Thank god Paris' rains only lasts for less than 30 minutes! When I got there, there were already a huge crowd of people standing outside the show area and thankfully it has stopped raining.

First person I shot - Hanneli!
I saw this skirt on Shini Park of Park&Cube before, still loving it here
The beautiful Olivia Palermo
My other fav editor next to ADR. I have to find out where she works.
Putting this up only bcos of Tommy Ton's expression in the background!
Lovely Anna
Giovanna Battaglia & her friend
I need her to teach me how she does her hair like that
Freja Beha Ecrissen
And that concludes my Paris haute couture street looks coverage.

They always say you have to experience it to know it and oh boy,what a ride it was. It was really adrenaline pumping when I see all those venerated famous fashion editors and icons that I read about and see so much on the internet. And then there was all those models post-show, the crazy photographers grappling and fighting for photos, the yells and shouts of "Mademoiselle s'il vous plait!" all adds together in the experience.

Yes, fashion is usually made exclusive and especially for haute couture shows, but then outside on the sidewalk, everyone can be photographed irregardless of whether you're famous or not. For day 2, I was wearing my winning leopard dress/leather skirt and black chiffon cape ensemble and I got photographed by around 5 people, one of which was Glamour online and the other was a French streetstyle site. For day 3, I got photographed twice, once by a Korean journalist and her photographer.

I feel that in fashion, people appreciate someone with good style and good taste. They would not discriminate as long as you have it. Even with all the big names looming such as Valentino, Chanel and Armani, Paris fashion shows outside (and I bet the other big 3 as well) is just as exciting. I've been told by my new friends living in Paris that sometimes they were allowed a standing space inside the show venue even when the space is packed, unlike Singapore's Audi Fashion Festival that only allows those in the guestlist to get in, despite sometimes half of the guests are just people of status and not even in the slightest stylish.

I can't promise that I'll be back soon again next year, but this was certainly an eye-opening experience and I'm sure I'll experience it again. (Shoutout to my girl Sofia from Morroco - thanks for making fashion week more fun! And you're so lucky Paris is only a few hours away by flight and to be able to come to fashion week so often!!)

Guess who?


  1. Your blog is very awesome ! We discovered it thanks to Sofia !

    We want to follow you, but how ?

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. Amazing pictures, I'm so sad I hadn't get the opportunity to be with you, seems great! and great shots!
    I already miss you and I miss it!


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