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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PFW Day 2 - Givenchy haute couture

Me and Sofia
The people I've met and the friends I made during fashion week have all been pretty amazing thus far. I've met Giorgio from Athens, Greece, who studied fine art photography and photographs internationally for VIP parties and fashion weeks. His photos are all beautiful and romantic as he only shoots in black and white because "I see better in black and white, the details are all more visible." Sofia is from Morrocco and she is the sweetest girl ever to hang out with. The above photo is shot by pretty boy Giorgio using my camera when me and Sofia just sat down on the concrete next to the Ritz. Not a very glamorous thing to do, but we were so tired after shooting 1 day in the hot sun and walking all over Paris.

The beautiful Place Vendome
Just a asymmetric tank top & denim shorts - so chic
Hanneli & her Prada sandals - she carries off the midi skirt so well
Hanneli in action! She gives directions very well just to get that one good photo
Joan Smalls
I almost died seeing Daphne Guinness in real life.
And in those heelless shoes!
Franca Sozzani smiling for me and Sofia (:

I can't resist snapping Anna Dello Russo again that day when I saw her - that woman is just so irrestible. It's not just whatever she puts on, it's the way she carries herself when she's in front of people. She is just so full of life and vitality and you get the feeling that she dresses up genuinely instead of for the sake of being photographed, unlike some of the socialites and rich heiresses that I've seen for some of the other couture shows. And seeing Anna together with Tommy Ton is just so cute; there's really a bond between them and Tommy always captures Anna at her best.

Seeing Daphne Guinness and Grace Coddington were also the highlights of the day. I now understand what Daphne means when she said in the Nowness video [Daphne's Window] that she dresses to express a certain emotion or to protect herself against the evils in life, because I really do feel that her clothes and her frequent use of headdresses gives her more authority and presence that she would admit she has. On twitter she appears to be a very contemplative and fragile person, but in person, she gives off an untouchable air. Almost like the exact opposite of ADR.

I may never get to know these fashion icons and heavyweights personally in my lifetime, but seeing them in person is just enlightening because what the internet perceives them to be is usually only a part of them that you see only in front of the lenses. You don't see the way they carry themselves or the way they talk to other people. But in person, you get a better perspective and sometimes it tells you why they are so involved in fashion.


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