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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashion Fast Foward Style Scouts Competition - My 1st foray into styling

My virgin attempt at styling didn't see me winning the F3 Style Scouts competition held at Topshop Knightsbridge, but it has certainly inspired me to venture into styling for future projects. And it was also extremely encouraging to meet so many fabulous people that are so fashion forward with their own style in this competition.


I super love this red pebble nacklace and also the faux fur vest
Leather cuff and daisy headband used as wristband here
My look was inspired by the hard and soft, dark and light. I wanted to combine different textures into the look and also play with shadows and layers. For the top, I layered two lace tops - a cropped fringe lace top with an outer sequin white lace top out at the front. Then I added a faux fur vest with a crochet back, such that it is a layering of three lace and crochet look at the front (: Pretty interesting I would say. The bottom is made up of an asymmetric floaty white skirt that I got from Ms Selfridge; accessories comprises of a leather cuff, as well as a daisy flower headband that I wrapped around the wrist as a wristband.

I actually felt that this was very well styled look
The camel blouse is actually a long sleeve blouse with the sleeves tied at the back
The draped white skirt was a straight cut mini skirt
with twooverhanging chiffon strips
Very smart of the 'stylist' to visualize this look when it's just hanging on the racks

With Huiyi, Shane and Jolyn - the winners!
Part of the panel of judges
F3 speech
Presentation of style inspiration to the packed crowd!
We were judged on the styling of the mannequin's outfit as well as our own outfit, the number of brands we had incorporated into the look, and also our explanation of our look's inspiration to the judges. I guess my look was among one of the more edgier ones in the bunch - not really the usual Topshop style I would say. But I was also amongst one of those people that projected our own style into the look for the mannequin - I guess I have finally found a style that I am comfortable to going back again and again and that is monochrome with a pop of colour, statement accessories, edgy druggy chic with faux fur :D

The winners of the competition were Shane, Jolyn, Hui Yi and Allen. Congrats to them all!

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