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Monday, May 23, 2011

19th Birthday party with fashion industry's insiders

I turned 19 this friday, 20th May and originally I thought that I wouldn't even be celebrating my birthday because I was at Blueprint the entire day and then the Seoul's top 10 designers showcase at Ion Sky that night - but I met someone. And that someone is Timo Weiland & Alan Eckstein, upcoming designers behind the label Timo Weiland (more on their label to come) and the freakishly coincidental thing is that my birthday's on friday, Timo's on saturday and Alan's on sunday! That's so cool it's like a string of birthdays which translates to celebration EVERYDAY.

I don't know whether all New Yorkers would think that you're king on your birthday but Alan certainly seemed to think so, and I was 'dragged' to a dinner together with a whole bunch of cool people like Jessica from Vogue UK, Andrea from, Lindsay from Ruby Kobo (jewelry), Jee from Oki-ni (buyer), Connie from refinery29, and a whole load of others. The funny thing was they were chaperoned by Mercury MC & were actually treated to a dinner at Ion's food court. And as the plates of carrot cake, oyster omelette, black & pepper crab and stingray came onto the table, they stared at them as though they were alien food which were pretty funny.

This is so cute :3 Alan has no idea how to use chopsticks
Here's Andrea eating crab. He ate the entire crab.
"Andrea you look like a midwife!"

Getting ready for crab! We're all wearing bibs.

On Saturday it was a yummilicious dinner at Jumbo Seafood where we had the chilli crabs and black pepper crabs which were SO GOOD. Jumbo Seafood's been at East Coast since forever and the last time I went there, I was in primary school, so I totally forgot how great their crabs tasted. Unfortunately, my dear friends didn't know how to eat crabs so I have to be their mother & use the cracker to break the shell of the crab & scoop out the meat for them which was pretty cute. They were all like"Darling you're amazing! Fabulous!"

Mini DJ turntable. Plug & play your iPod.
Alan talking to Kim Reyes
From L to R, random Indonesian girl, me & Kristina (stylist from NYC)
The lovely Tracy Phillips with the owners of the place
Here's Alan & Andrea - boys will always be boys
Timo & me
Andrea you remind me of Goofy (:
Thenafter, we went to Kilo, a well-kept secret of a restaurant/pub/cafe all rolled into one. It was originally an old factory office and now turned into this amazing place for great music and drinks by the Puerto Rican owner. I swear the music there is totally awesome and not unlike anything you'd ever get in Singapore because they're 100% democratic about their music. Just plug in your iPod and press play. Alan DJs in New York so naturally all the stuff he got in his iPod were damn good despite me not being very familiar with the electronic and rock 'n roll tracks he plays.

Photos by me and Andrea. Andrea is amazing at taking candid shots of people I swear.
P.S: If you wish to know the address of Kilo, ask me on twitter @nakedgloryvera (:


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