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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vera Tries - Z-Lipo with Clifford Clinic

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I have always had pockets of fat just above waist, and also on my thighs no matter how hard I worked out. I'm a classic Pear shape - I tend to gain weight easily on my butt and thighs, before moving on to my tummy and my arms almost never gain weight. Because of that, I've always felt my body was imbalanced and I would try hard to maintain my weight to keep it from looking any more so.

So when I was offered the chance to try out Z-Lipo at Clifford Clinic, I was first curious to try it out. What amazed me was that the treatment really worked.

Upon entering Clifford Clinic, you’re greeted by a very relaxing reception area and then led to meet Dr Ee, who will address your concerns, assess your body and explain how the treatment works.

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How it Works

Z-Lipo is basically fat freezing as a non-invasive way of permanently removing fat cells. During the treatment, two probes are attached onto a 'problem area' and your fats are sucked into a suction cup to be chilled at -5C. At this temperature, the fats will freeze while your blood still remains liquid. Hence, this damages only the fat cells and not the surrounding tissue which mainly contains water.
Once the fat cells are damaged, the body's natural immunity removes the damaged fat cells and hence it takes about 5-6 weeks for you to see the full results. I’ve tried other fat reduction treatments, but Z-Lipo is definitely more fast-acting. 

With Z-Lipo, Dr Ee was able to adjust application time, suction level and suction mode based on your problem area. The Z-Lipo probes allow for a suction massage during the treatment to ensure blood circulation and physically disrupt the frozen fat cells to lead to more improved results.

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Myself with Dr Ee
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How it Feels

Each treatment typically lasts for 1h, during which the probes were placed on my inner thighs and feels similar to a “pull and tug”. It is slightly uncomfortable and quite cold when the probes suck on your fats, but it is definitely bearable. You can see a detailed video of how it works here. 

Post treatment, the therapist will take away the probes to give you a quick massage of the treated area. Immediately after Z-Lipo, your skin will appear bruised and swollen, and would be slightly painful and numb at the same time, since all the fats were literally frozen at sub-zero temperatures. However, this will go away after 2 days. What’s the pursuit of beauty without a little sacrifice right?

I have already finished 3 sessions of Z-Lipo and I have noticed an obvious reduction in my upper inner thigh areas - it has went down by almost 1 inch. The clinic has informed me that some patients have seen results with just 1 session, so I would definitely recommend this to brides to be, who would like to look great for their big day.

After Treatment

I shot these photos in Bali after about 3 treatments of Z-Lipo on the inner thighs, and I definitely felt more confident about my body after Z-Lipo. The pocket of fat in my inner upper thighs diminished, which has never really happened before, even when I was exercising regularly.

Bali bikini KissesVera-46 Bali bikini KissesVera-26 Bali bikini KissesVera-12

Z-Lipo is best suited for people who have stubborn pockets of fat which they would like to get rid of, or fats which are hard to lose despite regular exercise, as it can really target specific areas of the body to give you the desired results.

If you are facing the same issue as above, I strongly recommend you to give Z-Lipo a try, it is available at Clifford Clinic, which is literally 1min from Raffles Place MRT. It currently costs $399 per area per session, quote "VERA" for a discounted price of $300 per area. 

To schedule for a consultation, Call: 65322400 / Whatsapp: 83186332
24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)


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