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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blush Tea Party - An Outdoors Garden Picnic

Blush Tea Party-8 Blush Tea Party-18 Blush Tea Party-16 Blush Tea Party-22 Blush Tea Party-14 Sometimes you know meet people and you just instantly click with them? Blush Tea Party was the result of that, with food bloggers Shirley (@littlemissbento) and Vickii (@vickiima).

We brought out props, decor, plates - the whole deal - and set up an outdoors picnic in Chinese Garden. It was extremely tough, given the hot and humid weather conditions, and the fact that the sky almost rained on us just minutes before our picnic.

Blush Tea Party Menu 

Matcha Azuki Pudding Shots
Mini Raisin Bundt Buns
Bulldog Cucumber Egg Sandwiches
Strawberry Rose Japanese Sponge Vanilla Layer Cake

Blush Tea Party-3 Blush Tea Party Blush Tea Party-29 Blush Tea Party-34 Blush Tea Party-26 Blush Tea Party-21 Blush Tea Party 2 Blush Tea Party-27

I love the idea of urban picnics - for me it is an ideal escapist weekend - an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and just take time to people watch, instead of being part of the frenetic rush of crowds. It also make the experience extra special when all food are created by hand by ourselves, for ourselves, over good conversations. Looking forward to more of such genuine get-togethers.

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