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Friday, August 7, 2015

Review - Going Loco at Super Loco Weekend Brunch

Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-2 Super Loco Sunday Brunch 1
This is a seriously overdue post on a good brunch which I can still reminisce now. I tried the Sunday Brunch menu at Super Loco, which is the sister restaurant of Lucha Loco, located at Duxton Hill.

For starters, we ordered a Wildberry Smoothie and a Blood Orange & Guava Magarita. My wildberry smoothie came complete with chia seeds, making it deliciously thick and creamy, with a slight sweet tangy flavor. All of Super Loco's smoothies comes blended with banana, almond milk, Cocoloco coconut water, flax seeds and agave nectar, making them a really great start to the morning, especially if you've had a heavy night out prior!

For sharing, we had the Quinoa & Chia Brekky Pot, which came with a generous serving of quinoa, chia seeds, served with mixed berries, banana, honey, coconut milk and Greek yogurt. I swear - this brekky pot is probably one of the best guilt-free dessert breakfast items I've had. It is extremely filling thanks to the quinoa, chia seeds and greek yogurt, and packed with nutrients to start off your morning. If you're on a diet, I think you can get your fill with just this dish alone. We also had the Esquites - which was essentially grilled corn kernels, served with cotjia cheese, lime mayo and chilli. But do not underestimate this unpretentious dish - it was so good mixed in with the cheese, a good blend of spicy, salty and tangy.

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Usually at this point, I would have had my fill for breakfast already. But how could we resist the mains? We ambitiously went for The Big Mexican - think well done fried eggs, chorizo sausage, toasted sourdough, bacon, guacamole and Mexican black beans. YUM. It's all your usual breakfast suspects but with a Mexican twist. Everything was done to perfection and this really hits the spot when you're craving a full-on brunch.

We also tried the Pulled Pork Torta, which turned out to exceed my expectations. Upon first bite, the well-marinated juicy pulled pork hits the palette, and is paired off well with the crunchy coleslaw (from purple cabbage) and Mexican beans. Probably one of the best burgers I've had since London. The rest of the menu items looked equally enticing - it was so tempting to finish off with churros but we were simply way too stuffed. I like that Super Loco really pays attention to the accompanying sauces to keep the flavours authentically Mexican.

Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-32 Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-30 Super Loco Sunday Brunch 5 Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-29 Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-33 Super Loco Sunday Brunch 4 Super Loco Brunch Menu rs x nakedgloryvera-36
As everyone knows, I only consider a restaurant or dining place superb if it has good decor and interiors to match its food. Super Loco certainly does not disappoint in this aspect, with simple, pastel colored wood benches alfresco, and brightly painted rainbow color canteen metal chairs in its interior. Retaining its Mexican flavour, the restaurant was decorated with Mexican sugar skulls, old school Mexican posters and retained the bright colors of a typical Mexican dinner. And yes, I absolutely adore that neon pink light sign just above the kitchen.

Next time I'm back, I would be sure to try to the Sweetcorn Fritters and Huevos Rancheros, which is a traditional dish of fried eggs, corn tortilla, beans, avocado and tomato chilli salsa.

Now I can't wait for my next brunch!

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