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Friday, July 24, 2015

Artisanal with Claude Bernard x 2AM Dessert Bar

Claude Bernard Workshop-2 Claude Bernard Workshop-3 Claude Bernard Workshop-5 Claude Bernard Workshop-6
We all wear watches for different purposes but I guess we never really paid attention to the details behind a watch face. I experienced a rare chance to assemble and disassemble Claude Bernard, Swiss made watch under the guidance of John Lim, a Swiss trained watchmaker from Crystal Times.

Tools of the Trade

Magnifier loupes
Minute pliers
Tiny screwdrivers
Caseback wrencher
Sharp tweezers
Finger cots

First, we had to unscrew the watch back, and then poke at the crown to stop the time. Subsequently, we had to use the minute plier to remove the hour, minute and second hand, all the while covering the watch face with a plastic film to prevent any scratches. I swear this is a test on your patience and meticulousness, since this requires immense concentration and a pair of steady hands. Definitely a very interesting experience trying to figure out what goes on and behind a watchface.

Claude Bernard Workshop-7 Claude Bernard Workshop-9 Claude Bernard Workshop-12 Claude Bernard Workshop-8 Claude Bernard Workshop-11
But moving on, I definitely found the chocolate dessert making experience a lot more fun - after all, I'm always better in the kitchen.

It was such a pleasure being guided by Chef Janice Wong - I have huge respect for her work, her dedication to her craft and her attention to detail and demand for everything to be right. This was definitely a very interesting experience since we got to make one of her signature dishes - Nitrogen freezed Valrhona chocolate 72%, served with chocolate soil, caramel mousse, salted caramel and yuzu sorbet. I love how 2AM Dessert Bar serves deconstructed desserts and pair interesting flavors and tastes together. Working with nitrogen to achieve the nitrogen freezed chocolate crumble was definitely the most fun part. Basically, you melt butter and chocolate in a pan to make a couverture, which you subsequently pour into a vessel which holds nitrogen bullets on top. So as you shake and "spray" out the chocolate from the nozzle, it immediately is freeze dried by the nitrogen and turns into a hard pancake with a crunchy texture.

It is not hard to tell that both pastry making and watch assembly requires high precision, skill and craft, which made me appreciate my watch even more.
  Claude Bernard x nakedgloryvera textClaude Bernard x nakedgloryvera-5 Claude Bernard x nakedgloryvera-3 Claude Bernard x nakedgloryvera-1 I've always been more attracted to rose gold as opposed to silver or gold. To me, rose gold is like the best blend of both words - less passe than just gold, and more feminine as opposed to silver. So it's a no brainer that I picked this Claude Bernard timepiece which I now wear almost everyday as a fashion accessory. For someone who doesn't have the habit of wearing watches, I have to say the design of this one is good enough for me to wear it.

Paired this baby with a Rose Gold Cat's Eye teardrop earring and a monochrome, relaxed tailored outfit. I always like to mix a more masculine outfit with feminine accessories and heels - it sort of just break up the bore of the traditional look.

Thank you Claude Bernard for the invite to the workshop.

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